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Capcom's Pragmata Is A New PS5, Xbox Series X, And PC Game Coming In 2022

Resident Evil publisher Capcom announces a brand-new sci-fi game headed to PlayStation 5.


In addition to Resident Evil 8, Capcom announced a brand-new game called "Pragmata" during the Sony PS5 reveal event on Thursday. Coming in 2022, the sci-fi game largely remains a mystery.

But the reveal trailer, which you can see below, showed a future soldier who was firing some kind of weapon into the air to bring back echoes of people--and cats!--or something of the like. Subsequently, Capcom released an "extended cut" of the trailer, though it doesn't seem to add much of note.

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The trailer begins in New York City's Times Square, where the soldier is seen connecting with a young girl and a cat before a giant scary machine sculpture thing appears. A satellite crashes down from nowhere, and gravity seems to completely fall apart.

The soldier shoots out a net of sorts to catch the satellite, and both then fly into space. The soldier and the young girl then end up on the Moon, staring back at Earth.

The girl asks, "What is that?" and the soldier responds, "Freedom, our freedom."

Pragmata will also be released on Xbox Series X and PC. For more next-gen games, check out our list of games announced for the PS5 during Sony's reveal stream. We also finally got a look at the PS5's console design, but price and release date info are still on the way.

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