Capcom Working With Police In Japan To Get Kids To Stop Smoking Weed

Capcom is producing thousands of posters and flyers using Ace Attorney characters to tell kids to stop smoking the devil's lettuce.


Capcom is working with local police in Osaka on a new campaign that will use Ace Attorney characters to encourage young people to stop smoking weed.

Capcom is teaming up with the Osaka Prefecture Police's juvenile delinquency prevention awareness program for this effort. The publisher said it's doing its part to to "curb rising marijuana abuse among minors through collaboration with authorities" (via IGN).

Capcom's anti-weed posters
Capcom's anti-weed posters

Capcom is producing more than 6,000 original posters and 4,000 flyers about marijuana abuse that come with "individually wrapped face masks." They will be distributed in Osaka at places like train stations and educational institutions starting December 9. The posters and flyers will feature characters from The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, which is the latest entry in the series.

In fact, Capcom has been working with the Osaka Prefecture Police since 2013, along with police groups from other neighborhoods, to help with "crime prevention awareness campaigns."

"This year, Capcom received a request from the Osaka Prefectural Police to utilize characters from the company's popular Ace Attorney series for the first time in their efforts to prevent marijuana abuse, which has seen a conspicuous shift toward younger age groups," Capcom said.

In 2019, Capcom worked with local police to use Street Fighter characters to encourage young people to sign up to become cops.

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