Capcom will show PSP games at TGS

Besides the PSP presentation, Capcom's booth will see the Killer 7 developers on stage and Mega Man X8 tournaments.


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TOKYO--In addition to the events already announced to take place at this year's Tokyo Game Show, Capcom announced today three more events that it will present on the massive stage inside its TGS booth. Of note is the revelation that Capcom will have a PSP presentation, although further details on the stage event are not available at this time.

The Capcom games currently known to be in development for the PSP include Vampire Chronicle (Darkstalkers Chronicle), Devil May Cry, and Viewtiful Joe (all tentative titles). It is not known whether or not the games will be playable at the show, although the use of the stage event would seem to mean that they will be shown on video only. The presentation will be given each day of the show.

Two more events were announced today: The developers of the GameCube and PlayStation 2 action title Killer 7 will take the stage, and the creators of the Viewtiful Joe anime series will give a presentation to the crowd. On the second day of the show, the company will be opening a game tournament for Rockman (Mega Man) X8, which is slated to be released in Japan this winter.

Last week, Capcom announced two other stage events: a panel featuring the developers of Shadows of Rome and the first-ever tournament for its upcoming fighting game Capcom Fighting Jam.

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