Capcom Wants To Follow A Strong Year With Multiple Major Titles And New Sales Records

Capcom's latest financial report tells us how well Resident Evil 3 and Monster Hunter World are selling, and also boasts of multiple big titles coming before the end of March 2021.


Capcom has released their report for the latest financial year, ending March 2020, and it paints a strong picture of how well the company is doing. There are a few major takeaways from this report, which shows Capcom's plans for continued growth (particularly in the mobile market) and the methods they're using to expand their brands. Most interestingly, this report shows that Capcom is expecting financial year 2021 to hit new heights, thanks to some new games.

Page five of the report suggests that Capcom is aiming for a new record of 28 million units sold in this financial year, which they're looking to achieve through the following three steps:

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  • Promote digital strategy via expansion of sales regions and flexible pricing
  • Aim to release multiple major titles
  • Pursue ongoing sales for major titles from past years

Point two suggests that Capcom will release some as-yet unannounced games before March 2021, and that they're expecting high sales from those titles. Capcom is looking for 10% year-on-year growth across all its operations, so they're clearly gearing up for a successful year. The upcoming Monster Hunter movie is cited throughout the report, and it seems Capcom is betting on the film's success.

Some new sales figures are also given for recent Capcom releases. The Resident Evil 3 remake has done well, securing 2.5 million sales. It's still someway off Resident Evil 2, which sold 5 million units as of December 2019, but it's a good figure.

Monster Hunter: World, meanwhile, is a genuine phenomenon, with 15.5 million sales between the base game and its expansion Iceborne. That's up another half million from the 15 million reported in early February, and it's worth reiterating that this figure is accurate as of the end of March 2020, meaning that those 500,000 extra units sold across roughly two months.

It's unclear what titles Capcom will release across the next financial year, but rumors persist of a Resident Evil 4 remake. We'll have to wait and see what the company announces, though.

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