Capcom wants Resident Evil 6 ASAP

Managing director Keiji Inafune tells Spanish gaming site the publisher is working to get survival horror sequel to market "lo antes possible," will tailor next Devil May Cry for Western audiences.


For Resident Evil 5, Capcom upped the speed of the series' zombie-like hordes. For Resident Evil 6, the publisher might be upping its own pace to match that of the series' maddened adversaries.

News of Resident Evil 6 could arrive soon.
News of Resident Evil 6 could arrive soon.

Speaking with Spanish gaming site 3D Juegos, Capcom managing director Keiji Inafune addressed current plans for a number of its familiar franchises. According to a GameSpot translation, when asked about Resident Evil 6, Inafune said Capcom wants to release the game as soon as possible in light of Resident Evil 5's great success. Though the developer quickly moved on to other subjects, he did tease that news about the next installment in the survival horror series could arrive soon.

Inafune also talked about the possibility for a Devil May Cry 5. He said that when development on the game starts, it will probably be designed to appeal more to Western audiences. While the series has done well in Japan, Inafune said that Devil May Cry franchise sales in North America and Europe haven't been especially high.

As for a new Onimusha game, Inafune's response no doubt included more laughter than fans of the series would have liked. The developer said that nobody ever asks him about the series except the Spanish gaming press. He then jokingly suggested that if there is a next episode in the series, it would surely be set in Spain.

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They rushed that piece of crap Resident Evil 6 out the door. It was awful.

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Ah, that's too bad, no love for Onimusha fans. Oh well, it's better that they ended the series before they drove it too far into the ground.

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hope re6 have cool stuff like re 1,2,3 ... like the fans said bt i think u guys forgot re:outbreak .. it was a fun game to play 4 me :( and had alot similar gameplay like was in ps1 wid cool graphics .. who agrees ?

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oh, finally RE6, i'm worry about Albert Wesker, he's supposed be dead in RE5, but i wish this is wrong, i realy like this person and i hop we see it again in RE6

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It would be nice to see in RE6: 1) 2 female main protagonists 2) Bring back dark settings, no daytime crap! 3) Bring back the tension and jumpy moments. 4) Bring back both traditional zombies and Las plagas hosts, and also introduce a new idea of creature that no one expects. ( Fans would be disappointed with a hybrid of the las plagas parasite infected with T- virus, or G-virus or both). Note: Wouldn't it be a nice thing to have areas in the game with trying to fight off both at the same time, or one without the other? 5) No more strange on-rails-shooter-vehicle moments. Mount weapons are fine, but the vehicles just weren't that great to me. 6) Put infected shark enemies that you would have to dodge or kill, just like with the crocodiles in RE5. Note: I just had an idea that RE6 should be on a ocean research facility or something!

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RE6 should have classic zombies pleas no fast running zombies return the series to survival horror

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if they make RE 5 like the one in the first trailers it would be the best. because when you see first trailers and then the game you really think that they destroy the entire game

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we got dmc, resident evil and ect.but where the hell onimusha ........

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@Mistwaver1985 I do understand your point, but the first 3 Resident Evil had a certain horror theme, something so specific that only RE could give it to you. The newest RE 4 and 5, have lot of action which I understand, is what tickles you. But it's just like those RE movies, I mean come on, that's not even close to what the games really are, they're just movies transformed from a game that had a very good story, into an full action movie where they create characters that didn't even exist in the game just to feed all the people that watch it; even as they don't even had a clue that RE was a game. Just my 2 cents.

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@CaptinJohnny Considering the enemies in Resident Evil 0, 1, 2 and 3 literally CRAWLED, no, it wouldn't be challenging at all. That's what makes Resident Evil 5 so fun is the enemies will literally RUN at you with shovels anything they can find. That's a HELL of a lot more terrifying than a zombie creeping up on you moving at less than a quarter of a yard per second.

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@DarkWolfx12 After 4 installments of zombies I'm definitely not in any rush for another "zombiefest " Resident Evil title, but that's just me. After another couple installments similar to Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 I'll be ready for zombies again, but not just yet. I'm still burnt out on the whole zombie thing from the first 4 installments. I think they hit the nail on the head with the variety of enemies in Resident Evil 5, rather than zombies for 15-20 hours as was seen in the first 4 installments.

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Resident Evil 6 should pick up where code veronica X left off,with the old style of gameplay and puzzle solving previous resident evil games were known for. I would like to see clare redfield back along with leon S Kennedy. I would like to see some old and new elements like instead of zombies villagers come after you in endless waves like in R.E 4 & 5 but with 4 player co op would be fun these are just a few things I would like to see in a new resident evil title.

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If they want to rush RE6, I guess they're not interested in the developing story or creativity of the series. They just want to make another action shooter with not too much of horror essence. Same stuff, new game. I hope I'm very wrong though, something different will definitely do the trick.

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They should just listen to their fans , remake RE1,2,3 and release it for PC/PS3/XBOX. Also a port of RE0 and REmake to PC/PS3/XBOX too. I wanna play RE0 and REmake but who actually gets a gamecube now?

Avatar image for AnimeNutJill

They need to bring the RE games back to its original genre like 0,1,2,3 and CV. Don't get me wrong, I loved RE5 but all it is now is a shooter trying to pass off as a survival horror game.

Avatar image for CaptinJohnny

Remake RE 0,1,2,3,4 for Xbox 360 do a bunble or something. You need to have the 3rd person over the shoulder cam. but Im sure it wouldnt be very challenging...well some parts. Cant wait for RE6!

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I would love to see another RE Outbreak; however that being said it would not be a resident evil if it had the same gameplay as RE 5. It's sad to see that Capcom is forgetting about RE's roots and are straying farther and farther away from what actually made RE what it was. They define a genre single handedly and then sell out so they can make more money. I can deal with updated gameplay and graphics etc. but RE 5 was a joke. Great stand alone action game but closer to being a Gears of War clone than a RE. As much as I hate to admit it the true Resident Evil is dead and it only lives on with hardcore fans like myself. It's sad to see Capcom forget about the fans that have supported them from the start in order to be popular amongst a new age generation that cares nothing for true survival horror games, but would rather opt for a mediocre action game with the Resident Evil name... Just let it die Capcom and stop being money grubbing little whores...

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a remake of outbreak with RE5 Mechanics plus in racoon city!!!priceless

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I agree, i loved the idea behind the outbreak series, combine that with this generation's tech it should b a really good game.

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Also you can say more stuff besides "Thankyou!" "Thankyou!' "Thankyou!". Anyone who ever played outbreak would know this.

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Also this game would have to take place during the racoon city incident or some time when the t-virus was running rampant.

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Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd it was the only re games where you can actually become infected and change into a zombie and possibly claim revenge on your ex teammates. That always bothered me that getting bit by a zombie wouldnt infect not crazy right? this does make sense.

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I'd give my left nut to see another RE Outbreak. The game can go back to its roots and involve more co-op but will be better because teamwork will be optional. I loved leaving a useless noob to his death in the origional outbreaks. Also it was the only re games to actually have random melee weapons to find and use. I mean if u had limited ammo wouldnt u pick up a bat or lead pipe?

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New Devil May Cry and new Resident Evil that is awesome news!

Avatar image for hollow56771

Making dante emo is they're way of making it appeal to western audiences!?

Avatar image for LOVERPS3

i'm really happy to heard like this news:):)

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re4 hit Spain re5 hit Africa re6 ?Korea?

Avatar image for waneesaljali

finally we can breath again the re6 .

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resident evil4 was scary cause of the regenerators

Avatar image for IncrediBurch

I'd like Resident Evil 6. I would like to see what they do with it. In RE5, they set it up to make anything possible because the Black Market has spread the BOWs everywhere. The plot won't become any more interesting, but gameplay could still be amazing. DMC5. Meh. I haven't played much. I'd be interested in a remake of #1 to start over. Maybe some HD multiplatform remakes like what Sony is doing.

Avatar image for yearof3000

gearsrock@ I guess Leon is Nightwing lol

Avatar image for X-7

Sweet new RE and DMC!!!!!!!

Avatar image for dualblades

Seems to me that as far as the RE series go, the even numbered games sorta set a new standard. RE 2 was considered the apex of the series for a long time up until RE 4 came out. RE 4 is now considered to be the series' best. With any luck RE 6 will continue the trend hopefully it's not getting rushed.

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I think it's time we hear something about a RE6, because there's still a lot about the story we don't know about. I would really love a new Onimusha, I loved all of the games.

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RE needs to be less actiony, Co op is not bad just up hardness and enemy HP. Konami tweaked CV for teh western audience.... I don't care for the direction, CV only needed better level design and deeper game play mechanics than lite ultra simplified action RPG stuff, which brings me to DMC I hope they don;t make it less of a game by going in a more actiony direction. DMC had a good balance of action/story well at least 1 and 3 did. RE4 was the apex of RE like to see something like that done with hub'd level layout system more puzzle solving and less mindless action, like Dead space, if RE6 becomes just another action game there goes another game series down the drain. I hope the Mega man legends 3 i polished game play wise so the console MM series will pick back up.... but they really need to go in the 3rdP/FP DMC/DS/RE direction with MMs core game play only more actiony of corse. Oh ya....YES ONIMUSHA PLZ MORE NOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nomnomnomnom only make sure there's a JP vocie track init...crappy US dubbing I can not take the cheesiness..

Avatar image for Oozyrat

I, personally, like the RE4 camera better. I don't see why you can't make a horror game with limited ammo and zombies without the new camera. Like people are saying, Dead Space did it. And please (PLEASE) no co-op. That, imo, was the downfall to RE5. The next thing was that the game wasn't scary at all. I can see throwing in a little action, but RE5 over did it. The fact that RE5 had zero scary parts was ridiculous! (The Lost in Nightmares DLC was great though, and was even pretty scary) It's great to see that RE6 is getting planned (and finally a new DMC!!) however, please listen to the fans, and don't rush the game either :D. Also, look at the concept of RE4 with the hooked man, that was with the new camera and still looked like it could have been the scariest game ever!

Avatar image for Sora16Kratos

@pudgexd Agreed on the story co-op thing. But I really would like to see another Onimusha. ( Yes I am a rare fan ) And another Devil May Cry as well. But RE6...good to hear about it. :P

Avatar image for lee1823

I think its about time they wrapped up the resident evil story with some kind of mega conclusion. I prefer the old play style and tension to the new action pacing, not to say i dont like the new ones though. As someone who has been playing since 1, and has completed them all I feel like its dragging on a bit now and the story seems to get more contrived and ridiculous with each iteration. I would love to see the new one as a great hommage to the series with a fantastic conclusion..... then see a new serious IP from Capcom in a similar vein, but with a fresh story. Take a few notes out of Siren's book and get the tension back!

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Resident Evil Outbreak 3!!! Would you guys join me online for a few co-op games? I think it would be fantastic.

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Bring back the old school Resident Evil feel to it.Make the online play like Resident Evil Outbreak.

Avatar image for danielkennedy91

survival horror in a real city? London? New York had been done to death

Avatar image for sourzxia

I wish there would be a new onimusha. Had a lot of fun with the original series

Avatar image for RostamDastan

please make a RE like the old ones ,survival horror not action punch stuff.

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The classic RE games were easily the best but they were starting to get stale until RE4 came along. But after RE5 I think it has made us all yearn for the classic stuff again. So please Capcom, go back to your design roots and make us a decent RE this time and not a disappointment like 5 was.

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Resident Evil needs to go back to its roots. Limited ammo, night time settings, all alone, zombies, hunters, lickers, & cramped corridors. RE4 wuz good, very good. RE5 wuz a let down. It had a good run but we, the ppl (RE fans), want the REAL Resident Evil style of play. & if ur not gonna make RE6 that way then remake RE2 & RE3:Nemesis. Capcom, myself & a number of different ppl on this site & others r all screaming 4 u guys 2 do wut we want. U guys r giving us Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It took awhile but its coming. Now give us proper remakes of RE2 & RE3. A new Darkstalkers, Dino Crisis (gotta redeem yourselves after Dino Crisis 3), Devil May Cry & definatly a new Onimusha would b nice as well. Theres no way u guys should b getting ppl saying that Dead Space (although it is a great game) is the new survival horror & that Dead Space is replacing Resident Evil as the survival horror franchise. COME ON CAPCOM!!!!!

Avatar image for pudgexd

Only add co-op in side missions like Assignment ada or Mercs....... Story mode no co-op please!!