Capcom Wants a Game to Sell 2 Million Copies Before It Gets a Sequel

Don't expect a Darkstalkers game anytime soon.

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Want to play a sequel to your favorite Capcom game? Well, you better hope it sells 2 million copies first.

Speaking with Famitsu (via EventHubs), Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono explained how the company takes sales into consideration in terms of sequels. "For instance, if a game doesn't sell over 2 million copies, then we'd have to put the brakes on any plans for a sequel," Ono said. "All that means is that we weren't capable enough. And all we can do after that is to reflect on the experience, take what we can learn from it, and try to apply those lessons on some other title."

On that note, Ono said that based on the sales of Darkstalkers Resurrection, fans shouldn't expect another Darkstalkers game "anytime soon."

According to Capcom's website, some games that have yet to reach the 2 million units sold mark as of June 30 include DmC: Devil May Cry, Dead Rising 3 (though this is before the game was released on PC), and Dragon's Dogma.

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