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Capcom Steam Sale Offers Cheap Resident Evil, Dead Rising, DMC Games

$3 RE: Revelations 2 Episode One, $10 Devil May Cry, $1 Dark Void Zero, and more.


A big sale on Capcom games has just kicked off on Steam, discounting many of the publisher's PC titles for the next few days.

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Most notably, a number of Resident Evil games can currently be had for cheap. Reflecting recent Xbox and PlayStation sales, the first episode of Resident Evil: Revelations 2 is just $3. The remaining episodes are full price, but owning just one episode still gets you full access to the game's entertaining Raid mode, albeit with a limited number of characters.

Other Resident Evil games on sale include last year's RE4 re-release ($8), RE5 ($7), and the RE HD Remaster ($15), among others.

If RE isn't your thing, there are still deals to be had, such as Devil May Cry ($10), Strider ($7.50), Bionic Commando: Rearmed ($2), and Dark Void Zero ($1).

Check out the full list of deals below. These prices are available on Steam from now through the weekend, coming to an end on either May 18 or 19, depending upon the specific game.

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