Capcom sound masters stage live demo

Yoshiki Sandou, Shinya Okada to give the Japanese public a sound lecture on the art of game audio.


Resident Evil Outbreak
Mega Man X7
Mega Man X: Command Mission

Two Japanese sound maestros will make an appearance at the Apple Store in the Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan, on August 28, according to a report. The duo of sound gurus have both worked on Capcom games: Yoshiki Sandou--the man behind the sound of Biohazard Outbreak, Biohazard Outbreak Final 2, and Irregular Hunter X--will join Shinya Okada, who worked on sound for Rockman X Command Mission, Rockman X7, and Monster Hunter 2. During the free event, Sandou and Okada will explain the process of creating their game sounds. The event is part of a series of workshops and lectures Apple holds regularly at its stores to promote its Mac line of computers.

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