Capcom shows Onimusha Tactics, plans US release

Capcom evolves the Onimusha franchise on the Game Boy Advance.


Capcom showed a trailer for Onimusha Tactics, a new game based on the popular Onimusha franchise for the Game Boy Advance, at its press event yesterday. The game is a strategy title in the vein of Square's classic Final Fantasy Tactics that offers a new experience set in the Onimusha world.

The game puts you in the role of Onimaru, a young man from the Ogre clan who is summoned by his master, Momochi, when demon warriors begin attacking humans. Apparently, an evil creature from the underworld called Genma has decided to invade the country and establish an empire. The attacks on humans begin when the evil lord Nobunaga unleashes demon warriors to help clear things out for Genma's empire. Onimaru gets involved in the battle against Genma when he encounters Genma's evil hordes on their way to invade the land of Iga.

The gameplay appears to be fairly close to the gameplay in Final Fantasy Tactics. You'll be required to conquer maps by defeating the forces of evil on them. You'll be able to select up to eight units to battle on one map, as well as equip your troops and combine items on the world map. The graphics in the trailer position the game to be close to if not on par with Square's upcoming Final Fantasy Tactics game for the Game Boy Advance, thanks to large, detailed character sprites.

Onimusha Tactics is currently slated for release this fall for the Game Boy Advance. We'll bring you more on the game as it becomes available.

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