Capcom Says Rare Resident Evil 4 Bug Could Stop Your Progress

The bug is in Chapter 12 and is triggered by a set of specific circumstances.


The Resident Evil 4 remake has a critical but highly specific bug that could stop players from continuing. In Chapter 12, when players receive a specific key item, Capcom asks players to not attack with a knife until the notification for successfully obtaining that item has appeared in the upper right corner.

The item should then appear in the attache case's key items and treasures. If it hasn't, players should reload their save file before Chapter 12.

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Capcom says it will push out a future update to fix the bug.

The Resident Evil 4 remake has had a big launch for the series, with over 3 million copies sold just in the two days since launch. In comparison, the 2020 Resident Evil 2 remake sold 2 million units in five days.

In April, the Resident Evil 4 remake will receive a free DLC called The Mercenaries mode. In the original Resident Evil 4, The Mercenaries mode tasked players with killing waves of enemies in a set amount of time. A data miner also uncovered info about a Separate Ways DLC for the RE4 remake. In the original Resident Evil 4, Separate Ways focused on Ada Wong.

There's still even more new RE4 remake content on the way. It's getting a VR mode that will be a free DLC on the PS5 for PSVR 2 owners. RE4 VR mode is in development right now and does not have a release date yet.

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