Capcom Sales Decline Due to "Lack of Major Titles"

However, Dead Rising 3 and Monster Hunter continue to sell.

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Sales at Capcom dropped significantly compared to the same period last year "due to a lack of new major titles," the company announced today.

In its financial statement for the quarter ended June 30, 2014, Capcom confirmed that net sales decreased 9.57 billion yen ($93 million, £55.1 million), down from 45.1% from the previous year.

However, operating income was up 75.3% from the previous year, an increase of 1.26 billion yen ($12.2 million, £7.2 million), while net income dropped 7.5% from 828 million yen ($8 million, £4.7 million) the previous year to 765 million yen ($7.4 million, £4.4 million).

Capcom said the million selling Dead Rising 3 "continued to show robust sale," while Monster Hunter Frontier GG "performed steadily with major update." Monster Hunter Freedom Unite iOS also performed well, according to the company.

Capcom said it was "on track to achieve full-year forecasts with improving profitability" saying it aims to improve earnings by "reducing the cost of sales."

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