Capcom "Rockestral" Concert Series Starts Next Month

Music from more than 10 Capcom "masterpieces" dating back to the 1980s will be performed.


Capcom is taking its music on a concert tour across the world. The Japanese company today announced "Capcom Live!" a concert series featuring "rockestral" music--a combination of rock and orchestra.

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The tour begins March 19 in Shanghai, then goes to Beijing on March 26. The tour then travels to Boston, Mass. for a stop on April 9. Even more shows are planned for 2016, while "30-40" public performances are planned for 2017, Capcom said in an announcement today.

Here's how Capcom summarizes the concert series:

"At Capcom Live! attendees can enjoy live performances of game music from more than ten Capcom masterpieces dating from the 1980s up through the present day, all completely synchronized to HD visuals. In addition to the performance of 'Video Game Orchestra'—a group that combines rock and orchestral music into 'rockestral' concerts and boasts high notoriety in the US—the tour will pursue sophisticated entertainment via staging that weaves together visual effects and specialized lighting. This tour differs from events that have targeted only gamers by bringing to life a forward-thinking musical project that can engage music fans and general audiences as well."

The concert series is part of Capcom's "Single Contest, Multiple Usage Strategy" whereby the company leverages its brands beyond gaming alone. For this specific initiative, Capcom said one of its goals is to "achieve greater penetration of its brands in the broadening global game market, including emerging nations." Capcom also noted today that it has 69 different games that have sold more than 1 million copies.

Capcom isn't the first video game company with its own concert series. The Pokemon Company runs a touring Pokemon concert event, while Nintendo has The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses, a touring orchestra dedicated to the adventure series. Additionally, Video Games Live is a touring concert series dedicated to music from across a number of game franchises. It is run by Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler's cousin, Tommy Tallarico.

More details on Capcom's concert series--including a list of stops, songs to be performed, and ticket pricing information--was not shared today. When that information is divulged, we will bring it to you.

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