Capcom reveals further details on GameCube Resident Evil

See new screenshots and a video clip from the upcoming remake of the original Resident Evil.


Resident Evil

Capcom continues to provide new movies and screenshots from its upcoming GameCube remake of the original Resident Evil. The latest batch of screens highlights how real-time elements such as blood blend seamlessly with the game's prerendered backgrounds. For example, when a zombie or other enemy character is shot, its blood will splatter on the floor and the walls. Additionally, the color of the blood will be slightly different, depending on the lighting in the room.

In Resident Evil for the GameCube, players will also have the ability to shoot different parts of the zombies' bodies. The video clip shows Chris Redfield using a shotgun to take out a zombie's right leg, rendering it helpless. The remake of the original Resident Evil will be released for the Japanese GameCube on March 22. There is no specific word on a North American release at this time. Upcoming games in the Resident Evil series, including ports of all the games in the series from Resident Evil 2 through Resident Evil Code: Veronica, will be released exclusively for the GameCube console.

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