Capcom Responds To Controversial Street Fighter 5 In-Game Ads

Ads are staying in Street Fighter V.

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Street Fighter V recently released an update that introduces advertisements to the fighting game's loading screens, player models, and stages. While the advertisements can be toggled off, the introduction of ads in the first place went over just as well as you'd expect.

Now, Street Fighter executive producer Yoshinori Ono has responded. In a statement posted Sunday evening, Ono thanked fans for their feedback, adding that Capcom will continue to consider this feedback to think about how it may "improve" the sponsored content feature in the future. Advertisements in Street Fighter V seem like they are here to stay.

"We value and thank our community for providing feedback on the new sponsored content feature added to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition this week," Ono said. "We will continue collecting everyone's feedback to consider how we can improve this new feature for players in the future."

Advertisements came to Street Fighter V in an update released on December 11. Some people immediately criticised the move, and made silly mock-up images of new skins for brands like McDonald's and Mtn Dew. Right now, the ads in Street Fighter V are for things like the Capcom Pro Tour series and extra content sales for the game. Players who view the ads earn extra Fight Money (the game's currency) from Ranked and Casual matches, but the sponsored content, as Capcom calls it, can be toggled off for those who don't want to see it.

In other Street Fighter V news, Capcom just today launched a new character, Kage, and introduced a big new balance patch. You can learn more in GameSpot's coverage here.

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Avatar image for proceeder

Gotta give it to them, Capcom is trying pretty hard to beat EA and Konami in being the worst game publisher.

Avatar image for mikes1025

This looks very straightforward- advertisement is paying for the game to continue at the optimal level we demand from it. They want it to embrace it more as a sport. They already gave Sony reign in order to produce it in the first place. It isn't Fortnite, Call of Duty, or Mario, it's a niche game. Sales are always limited with this.

Avatar image for aiyobro

we already bought the game and then they make unlocking stuff so obscure, noot worth it

Avatar image for vfighter

The fact that you can turn it all off and never see it if you don't want it and people are still crying like 3 year olds who just dropped their bottle is very telling of how toxic and downright stupid a lot of gamers actually are.

I think they could give some more fight money for having the ads on and maybe put less of them on the actual characters, but again its all optional so of its to much I can turn it all off.

Avatar image for vega2505

He literally said nothing...that is the canned response whenever anyone has any criticism and basically means the same as a middle finger.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

Uninstalled all of it.

Anything & everything Capcom.

Avatar image for proceeder

@Pyrosa: I mean MHW is still good...for now.

Avatar image for vfighter

@Pyrosa: And the dumbest response goes to this guy, congratulations!

Avatar image for edwardnygma

@vfighter: Your username checks out.

Avatar image for deathBRINGER201

"Capcom will continue to consider this feedback to think about how it may improve the sponsored content feature in the future"

Sometimes I swear Capcom is as delusional as Konami

Avatar image for JRD1912

Hey guys lets run in game ads for the same game they are playing to be some of the biggest douches on the planet....There is no way they would open the ingame store and browse.

Avatar image for evil_hayato

@JRD1912: Pretty sure its all just placeholder for other advertisers like Red Bull, etc. This is them testing the waters with it using their own crap first.

Avatar image for Archangel2222

I also find it funny how they said everything can be purchased with FM if you want too and then after 1 year they scrap it and lock 2/3 of the content behind DLC packs for real world money which are insanely over priced and they have so many skin and costume and character packs its beyond dumb. So much for earning via FM the content you can spend that money on now is pointless rubbish and that too is grindy and expensive

Avatar image for evil_hayato

@Archangel2222: Actually they implemented non fight money based stuff within the first year. The only stuff you could buy is barebones versions of Fighters, half assed story costumes, stages, colors, and titles. The whole FM thing I think was just them trying some kind of currency for people to grind or pay for. When their Zenny currency bombed, they axed it and kept fm in bc people liked the idea of it but overall its been a shitty implementation. FM prices are so high and the amount you get from anything is so low, its hardly worth the effort to accumulate to say you got anything for "free". Its a mobile games concept in a AAA full priced game. Im ok with the dlc packs/bundles as they tend to be so much cheaper than what they originally asked for and they tend to go on sale on top of that. Its just the waiting game. Whoever thought they can get everything with FM was delusional. This is Capcom at its most desperate time of bleeding money from past failed projects.

Avatar image for Archangel2222

For 4FM to have them on is so so so stuipid I turn it off its just not worth adding. They look soooooo ugly and there are too many adds on the character. I can live with the loading ad for the dlc store and a stupid logo in the pro tour stage but having it on the characters is terrible like they are a billboard

Avatar image for evil_hayato

@Archangel2222: You know whats funny? The loading screen ad actually makes the loading longer so it makes it worse. The other funny thing? Turning ads on costumes off doesnt turn them off from being accessible in your costumes when playing. Scroll to the far right of your costumes tab when selecting a character and they are still effing there. So even turning it off, you cant escape it. Also the pro tour stages already plastered CPT logos or the idea of it all over anyways.. and those stages make sense since they were already glorified ads for the CPT and if you own them, you are a supporter of it and in turn doesnt affect you.

Avatar image for rickjamesia

I don't feel one way or the other on this, and I don't really turn to Capcom for games anymore like I did a decade or two back, but I don't really understand why people are jumping down their throats about this when I don't see complaints about the same practices in other games. For instance, Blizzard does nearly the same thing in Overwatch to funnel users into spending money to unlock new cosmetics or special items from their equivalent of Capcom's Pro Tour (Overwatch League) and everyone seems to be happy to accept it. There's not much purpose in targeting a single company with these complaints if you want to see changes in the industry as a whole. Not necessarily saying they need to quit their complaining, but if people are going to do it they need to expand and live it. Principles mean nothing if you apply them only based on external bias. But, if they're going to remain sheep everywhere else then, yeah, they should really quit their complaining.

Avatar image for proceeder

@rickjamesia: The reaction can't be to stay indifferent to all the bad business practices, you have to start somewhere.

The backlash on EA caused other companies, even Blizzard, to think twice about loot boxes and now, they can't sell them in Belgium. Other countries are considering to categorize them as gambling.

So, calling out Capcom could result in those other companies practices to be pushed back, just the same.

Avatar image for Jaxith

Why is it the companies who make the games I like the most are also the ones who hurt me the most?

...*sniffling* Why...

Avatar image for proceeder

@Jaxith: I'm scared for DMCV.

Avatar image for odolwa99

And I suppose DLC is still in the game? Of course it bloody well is.

Avatar image for santinegrete

Ads don't sound like a bothersome thing, until you know they increase load times because they're syncing the images or whatever it composes them from a server, wasting your bandwidth.

If you're eager to defend a practice that predates on time you don't owe because you already paid for the product, I don't blame you:

I had a conversation with this user, Kiggor, in other article that states wasting your time installing bloatware to run a game is a minor inconvenience worth the trouble. I'm sure he'll agree on also wasting your time on this.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Ads might be improved? How about ads might be removed? No? You greedy scum?

Avatar image for edwardnygma

@Thanatos2k: Years later and you are still the voice of reason on here.

Avatar image for proceeder

@snugtron: 1st of all, that's racist.

2nd of all, that's a Chinese accent you're transcribing, not Japanese.

Avatar image for benq

Yoshi, you had typo, and wrote 'remove' as 'improve'.

Ahhhh, wishful thinking.

Avatar image for meedokicky

Capcom brings back DMC, remasters RE2 and Onimusha, makes MHW.

Cpacom: Dang we are spoiling our player-base, this is not good! *looks at SFV*

SFV: ughhh not again >_<

Avatar image for BeefoTheBold

It amazes me that companies continue to use terminology like "new feature" and "player choice" to try and portray this sort of crap as a benefit to the customer

Do they really think they're fooling anyone at all? Adding advertisements into the game and having it impact progression rate if you use it or not is not a "feature". It's intentionally making your game balance worse.

Avatar image for edwardnygma

@BeefoTheBold: They think we are stupid. The only thing they understand is when we don’t give them money. Only then do we have their attention.

Avatar image for proceeder

@edwardnygma: Well. I mean, everyone is stupid to a certain degree.

The question is: am I this stupid?!

Avatar image for edwardnygma

@proceeder: Very true.

Avatar image for Thretosix

I think I'm going to stop buying all games that don't release full content for the price at the door. I feel when I buy something I get what I paid for. Companies are now selling you a tease (supposed full game) and then come in for the cash grab (the stuff the left out on purpose). Season passes are nothing more than getting you to buy a $50-$60 game for $90-$100. Like some have said I've been waiting for complete editions of games that fall to standard pricing. Seems they are trying to resist.

Avatar image for proceeder

@Thretosix: There's an 8K $ DMCV edition.

Avatar image for Brettsky128

Somebody needs to remind Capcom that Street Fighter V launched for $60 and isn't a free to play game. Because I feel like they think this is a free to play game. It definitely should have been with the barebones content it had at launch.

Avatar image for atopp399

When a change like this negatively affects sales and profit of the game then they will make a change it back. That means people need to stop buying and supporting the game.

Avatar image for CyberEarth

@atopp399: The problem is, this change was added after the fact. Game has been out quite a while. It would have only impacted sales had it shipped with in-game ads.

Avatar image for fullyskully

If anyone wants a TL;DR:

"We don't care if we're helping plunge the gaming industry into the depths of hell like microtransactions did. Money, money, money."

Avatar image for quinnd6

I was waiting for a complete edition of street fighter 5. That never happened. I'll probably just never buy the game. The single player modes are just too short. I used to enjoy finishing arcade mode with every character and getting an ending. Arcade mode was ruined in both Tekken 7 and Street fighter 5 so I didn't buy either.

Avatar image for evil_hayato

@quinnd6: Dont worry! It ll be complete when SF6 comes out!

Avatar image for BigFeef

I was not even remotely surprised when I saw this a few weeks back. Capcom being Capcom as usual... And the usual "We don't give a shit about what you think!" response from Capcom also comes as no surprise.

I was a huge Street Fighter fan; been playing Street Fighter games since Street Fighter II on arcades way back in the day. The last few iterations of the game are straight up revolting to me and I refused to buy them; even with a couple of friends pressuring me to do so because we would finally be able to play online together as if we were back in the Goode Olde Dayes™. On-disc content being sold as DLC, the focus on online tournament play that guts the core experience, the locking of characters behind a pay wall... those are just a few of the reasons I had for not buying these games, even on sale. Now we can add 'putting ads in a game I just spent money on' to that list.

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