Capcom: Resident Evil 6 sales 'certain' to fall short

Publisher lowers company-wide sales expectations for fiscal year based on "weakened" sales of new shooter and delay of Monster Hunter 4.


Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 shipped over 4.5 million copies at launch, but this strong debut could not be sustained. As a result of this, and other factors, Capcom is lowering its company-wide revenue and income expectations for its fiscal year ending March 31, 2013.

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"In the Digital Contents business, sales of the major new title Resident Evil 6 were initially strong but subsequently weakened. As a result, sales for this title are certain to fall short of the plan," Capcom said in a statement.

Capcom was previously targeting ¥105 billion ($16.8 billion) in net sales for the year, but is now expecting that figure to be down ¥11.5 billion ($1.8 billion) to ¥93.5 billion ($15 billion). Net income was previously forecast to come in at ¥9.8 billion ($1.6 billion) for the period, but is now anticipated to total ¥6.5 billion ($1 billion), or a drop of ¥3.3 billion ($529 million).

Capcom also announced today that 3DS game Monster Hunter 4, which was previously planned to launch by March 2013, has been delayed to summer 2013. This delay was also cited as a reason for diminished company-wide sales forecasts.

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