Capcom releases latest cumulative sales data

Top-selling historical franchises are Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and Megaman.


Capcom's popular game franchises continue to hit new milestones. According to the company's recently released sales data (as of December 31, 2004), its most popular game series, Resident Evil, has sold a total of 26 million cumulative units worldwide with 38 released titles. The figures do not include Resident Evil 4 since the game was released in January.

The Street Fighter series, which celebrated its 15th anniversary last year, comes in second place on the sales chart at 24 million cumulative units. Capcom has released 53 titles for the fighting series up to date.

Third place in the sales chart goes to the Megaman series, at cumulative sales of 22.9 million units. The series has grown to a massive volume of 95 titles since its debut.

Other titles and their sales data are as follows:

Disney series: 33 titles, 13.2 million sales
Onimusha series: 10 titles, 6.9 million sales
Devil May Cry series: 3 titles, 4.7 million sales
Dino Crisis series: 12 titles, 4.4 million sales
Ghosts & Goblins series: 13 titles, 4.1 million sales
Final Fight series: 8 titles, 3.1 million sales
Breath of Fire series: 13 titles, 3.0 million sales
1942 series: 3 titles, 1.2 million sales
Commando series: 2 titles, 1.1 million sales

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