Capcom Q1 sales down, profit up

Strong performance of Okami and the DS installment of Mega Man can't help offset publisher's paucity of big releases.


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Capcom has released its first-quarter financial report covering the three months ended June 30, and the publisher came out with a healthier bottom line than it did last year despite lagging sales.

In the first quarter of last year, Capcom reported sales of 11.43 billion yen ($99.25 million), with a profit of 608 million yen ($5.28 million). For this fiscal year's opening three months, the publisher saw a nearly 8 percent slide in net sales to 10.57 billion yen ($91.79 million), while profits spiked almost 33 percent to 808 million yen ($7.02 million).

The publisher noted a number of external factors that had an impact on its numbers for the quarter, including a rebounding Japanese economy, growing demand for portable systems, and strong markets overseas as complementary factors. However, it didn't manage to meet the previous first quarter's net sales figure because the majority of games it sold consisted of "small-scale titles" and games developed in collaboration with other companies.

On the positive side, Okami and Mega Man ZX for the Nintendo DS were both cited as strong sellers in the Japanese market, as was Monster Hunter Freedom for the PSP. Outside of Japan, Mega Man Battle Network 6 for the Game Boy Advance posted solid sales. The company also noted a decrease in development costs for the quarter.

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Everyone buy Dead Rising to help Capcom out.

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Dead Rising should change things around hopefully......

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Hopefully Okami will do well here in North America.

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as long on the profits are up its ok

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Can't wait till okami comes out. it has alot of hype ^^

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I wish them luck in keeping up with the expenses of developing for the Ps3.

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Capcom are up there with Criterion and Rockstar. You can almost always count on them.

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Pumping out sequels (Mega Man ZX) and compilations (Street Fighter Alpha Anthology) of proven franchises don't hurt, either. Everyone knows that publishers will continue to push what make them money. It's simple economics that requires little (if any) education.

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more money, less fun !!

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Forget Street Fighter 4, I want a next-gen Strider and Rival Schools!!

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Capcom are one of the few truely great Game makers that we have, they have always been an arcade style game creator and that style of game won't lose popularity because we all want a bit of quick action to divert us from our real lives every now and again. It is nice to see that they managed to make a profit even though sales were down, this is kind of proving Nintendo's ethos behind Wii too, if developement costs are down then profit is more likely with less sales, this makes it possible to release''niche'' titles with much less risk, Capcom released games like Viewtiful Joe, Killer7 and P.N.O3 all of which were slightly 'niche', hopefully we can expect more of the same in the future(i personally liked all the capaom releases on the Gamecube-except gotcha force and megaman command, oh capcom versus snk sucked too). Also with regards to Wii, Capcom have already spent alot of money developing an engine that the Wii can utilise and hopefully we should see the Capcom Resident evil game for Wii within the next year. Anyways i think Capcom are one of the best games makers still around and they are one of the only ones which even attempt to step up to challenge nintendo on their own platform-Resident evil 4 proved it can be done, and in honesty SHOULD be done.

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WESLY_SNYPES Forget Powerstone 3 where's Street Fighter 4?!?! I know where is Street Fighter 4!?!

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Does anyone care about capcom anymore?

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Forget Powerstone 3 where's Street Fighter 4?!?!

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I'll buy ZX the day it comes out. Now how about POWER STONE 3?????!?!?!

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foxer, are you nuts? you say don't run behind Nintendo and thier top selling games were on a NINTENDO platforms *sigh* fanboys. anyway, Megaman ZX should be the best Megaman since the X days, cause i read the previewe on ONM (official Nintendo Magazine)and it looks awsome and cool, the suit thing at real time, priceless... but they need to suport the DS more, i don't see them suporting Nintendo since they bringed Resident Evil 0 and P.N.0.3., the later which sucked, but Capcom is very good at making games i can't wait for Okami.

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the wnd qtr will surely be better with games like Dead Rising

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Don't go running behind Nintendo, make another Resident Evil Game for the PS2. I'm all waiting.

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Oh yeah go Capcom yahoo!

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Phoenix Wright will do it!

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Mastercid, I have a feeling Capcom and other third parties will be showing the DS a lot more love in the future just based on how many units are out there. They would be foolish to neglect such a sizable market that seems to be growing steadily. Personally I can't wait for Capcom Classic Collections Vol. 2 due out in November. Let the old school fun begin!

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Capcom hasn't been supporting the ds like they should, or nintendo recently for that matter, but anyway with the success of the ds and all the developers on board for the Wii I hope capcom will support nintendo in the future, Okami on the ds, maybe not just a dream. Personally I can't wait for Lost Planet, and Dead Rising is the most fun I've had on the 360 to date, also I want play Okami and the ds mega man , and even though I'm not a huge psp fan Ultimate ghosts and goblins looks awesome, long live Capcom!

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well lost planet will make them tons of money.

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Well I hope they are good, because Capcom of Amercia really screwed over the recent and last Mega Man Battle Network for GBA. They removed most of the stuff from the Japan version of the game which was a total let down. It just looked like they did not want to work on the project anymore.

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i really wanna play megaman zx! it looks fun! they will probably get a lot of money off of megaman zx

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Hmm... well Mega Man ZX SOUNDS promising from what I heard. Can't wait for the review...

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yay capcom is getting better by the day

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Devil May cry 4, Lost Planet and Resident Evil 5 on the way baby!

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good, i love their games

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Can't wait for Mega Man ZX to come out here. Even if at worst it's more of the same from Mega Man Zero, I'll be a happy reploid.

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I got Dead Rising which I absolutely love, I'm deffinitely getting lost planet, and SF2 hyper fighting. I think if capcom keeps bring the hits overhere to the states (no matter the console) It will be in good shape.

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I got Dead Rising. If they can provide that kind of gameplay for the other consoles in the future Capcom has no worries.

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okami to the DS would be cool and dead rising for the psp would be even better, there more profit if the games are good.

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Dead Rising will bring revenue up. If the profits go up next quarter then Capcom will have discovered the developmental trick for next gen.

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They need to bring their games over the state a little more faster than now. So that way can make more money.

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They should focus on future.

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Wesa wants the Okami!

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profits are what counts :)

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Dead Rising should bring profits up. Then when Lost Planet comes out that should also help.

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Well congratulations not on not selling the games but at least they made some profit. I liked Monster Hunter Freedom and can't wait until the second one comes out and even Okami and Mega Man ZX where fun on the demos. So they will be a great game when they finally come out. Capcom makes some really nice games so when the Wii and PS3 come out it will be nice to see what they can add to it them. It will also be neat to see what will come out on the 360 too.