Capcom Puts 2 On Test

Two brand new Capcom fighters have gone on test in Japan, but are they two games, or the same?


Word has come down that Capcom has put a new game in the Darkstalkers series on test in Japan. Vampire Savior 2 and Vampire Hunter 2 are both listed on the company's web page; however, it isn't known at this time whether these are two brand new games, or simply one game with two titles. Vampire Savior has been regarded as the third game in the Darkstalkers series, and in the US it's called Jedah's Damnation: Darkstalkers 3.

Vampire Hunter and Night Warriors are also the same game, again with different Japanese and American titles. Vampire Hunter was regarded as the second game in the Darkstalkers series.

So, it's just a bit confusing. What Capcom seems to have done is created a sequel to both games although no information is currently available on whether they are two separate games or one known by two different titles. Why would Capcom release a sequel to Vampire Hunter, if Vampire Savior is the next game in the series? Then again, why release a sequel to Vampire Savior a few months after the game's release?

We'll have more information as it becomes available.

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