Capcom preps new arcade fighting game

Rumors of impending Street Fighter 4 unveiling get a boost as company says it will unveil a new fighting game later this week.


TOKYO--A long-awaited fourth installment in Capcom's Street Fighter franchise might finally be on the horizon. An unofficial list of games expected to appear at the Amusement Machine Show in Japan September 1-3 has been making the rounds on Internet message boards lately, and it has Street Fighter 4 down as a game to be shown at Capcom's booth.

Capcom has added some fuel to that fire today with the announcement that it will indeed be showing off a new arcade fighting game at the show. The company made no mention as to whether the game would be an installment of an existing franchise or a new product altogether. Regardless, the new fighting game will only be presented in video format, meaning it's most likely to be quite early in development.

Other games Capcom has scheduled to appear include Super Mario: Fushigi no Korokoro Party 2, Geki Makai Mura, Pingu's Ice Block, and Donkey Kong Jungle Fever (a really disturbing Spike Lee joint about interspecies relationships, perhaps?).

Capcom is widely known for its Street Fighter series but has all but abandoned its fighting franchises of late. Franchises like Darkstalkers, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter EX, Star Gladiator, and the Vs. series have gone years without new installments, and last year's crossover compilation Capcom Fighting Evolution on the PlayStation 2 (released earlier this year on the Xbox) was met with critical apathy.

The annual Amusement Machine Show is a distributor-oriented event and is closed to the general public on days one and two. Day three is open to the public, and entrance is free.

GameSpot will bring additional information on Capcom's new mystery fighter as it becomes available.

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