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Capcom praises DmC and Dragon's Dogma in FY13 earnings

Capcom announces a ¥2.97 billion profit for FY13, and will more strongly invest in "directing our development resources to the development of online games" in the future.


Capcom has announced an expected profit of ¥2.97 billion (approximately $30m/£19.3m) for the 2013 financial year, following its revised April forecast.

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As predicted, Resident Evil 6 "did not meet with [Capcom's 7 million sales target] and thus was not able to play a role in leading the segment's sales growth." The game has sold 4.9 million copies.

UK developer Ninja Theory's take on DmC: Devil May Cry "enjoyed stable popularity in overseas markets and posted solid sales," with the game's last sales tally coming in at 1.15 million copies sold.

The popularity of Dragon's Dogma was "greater-than-expected," however, and saw an "unprecedented" million copies sold for an original title.

Despite making a profit, Capcom was down 56 percent year-on-year in net income. The publisher previously blamed its current outlook on "excessive outsourcing" and "a delayed response to the expanding digital contents market," two problems it aims to rectify by funneling ¥7.2 billion (£48 million/$73 million) into a company-wide restructuring.

Looking ahead, Capcom expects to make a good amount of money in "directing our development resources to the development of online games (mobile, PC online and downloads for consumer games), which is a growing area, and by releasing large-scale titles such as 'Monster Hunter 4' and 'Lost Planet 3' focused on the domestic and overseas markets respectively."

For the next financial year, Capcom expects to make ¥6.8 billion ($68m/£44m) in net income.

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