Capcom passing on late Wii U ports

Publisher "looking forward, not back," with regards to porting games to Nintendo's latest console.


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Gamers holding out for a Wii U version of Resident Evil 6 may be out of luck. Capcom senior vice president Christian Svensson told fans on Monday that late ports for Nintendo's newest console are unlikely.

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"With regard to Wii U, in general we're looking forward, not back so late ports are generally not on the table," he replied to a user on the Capcom-Unity blog who asked if Resident Evil 6 or Lost Planet 3 would someday ship for the Wii U.

Capcom's stance on late ports is not matched by competitors like THQ, Electronic Arts, and Warner Bros. Those companies shipped updated versions of Darksiders II, Mass Effect 3, and Batman: Arkham City for the Wii U several months after they originally launched.

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