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Capcom offering Dante's original outfit as DmC DLC

Three DmC skins, including one based on Dante's old look, will be sold for $4.00/£3.19/€3.99.


Ninja Theory's Dante will be going back to his roots in DmC: Devil May Cry via DLC, with the upcoming Costume Pack offering a 'classic' skin based on Dante's appearance in Devil May Cry 3.

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Two other skins will be included in the pack alongside Dante's iconic red leather coat, white hair and bare chest: Dark Dante and Neo Dante, with the former offering a sleek blue coat and the latter Converse sneakers, a ragged t-shirt and a belt that covers his entire stomach.

Capcom confirmed to GameSpot that the DmC Costume Pack DLC will be released on January 29 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America, with European PS3 owners having to wait an additional day. The new threads will cost 320 Microsoft points or $4.00/£3.19/€3.99.

The DmC costume pack is also being offered to anyone who pre-purchases the game on Steam ahead of its PC release on January 25, though a release date for the PC version of the DLC has not been specified.

DmC will also be receiving the free Bloody Palace DLC and the paid-for Vergil's Downfall DLC, which Capcom dubs an expansion, at the end of February.

DmC: Devil May Cry received an 8.0 in its GameSpot review, though Ninja Theory's design decisions are proving controversial with series fans despite the warm reception.

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