Capcom Not Bringing Resident Evil To Nintendo Switch

"We have no plans at the moment regarding Resident Evil on Switch."

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Now Playing: GS News Update: Resident Evil Won't Arrive On Nintendo Switch

Capcom has said it is potentially interested in making games for the Nintendo Switch, but it doesn't look like the Resident Evil series is among them, at least not yet.

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Producer Masachika Kawata told Express Online about the Switch, "I think it's a very unique piece of hardware." However, Capcom isn't bringing Resident Evil to Switch now or anytime soon.

"I'm looking forward to the possibilities of the system itself, but we have no plans at the moment regarding Resident Evil on Switch," Kawata said (via NeoGAF).

Capcom is among the dozens of development partners for the Switch, so it's possible some Capcom games will come to the console.

Resident Evil 7 launches on January 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It was recently confirmed that it's an Xbox Play Anywhere game for Xbox One and PC.

The next Resident Evil movie, The Final Chapter, meanwhile, comes out on January 27--watch the newest video for it here.

As for the Switch, it comes out on March 3 for $300.

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Nintendo cannot be taken serious anymore.

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This is good news. Why should games be downgraded for inferior consoles.....wait the pc master race will destroy me there.

Starting again seriously it's a shame that Nintendo doesn't get the third party support but I don't like their practices against YouTubers and there reliance on their old and fairly dated mascots. There's only so much Mario and link can sell

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Ports and multiplat titles don't seem to work well on Nintendo hardware so this is logical I guess. All multiplatform games do for Nintendo is highlight the relative underpowered hardware.

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Look, why would they? They have had this game in development for along time when they didn't even know what a switch was. People need to quit forcing articles directed at developers for non-inclusion software on other platforms. ESPECIALLY ones that literally just were announced. Seriously its ridiculous, oh look their not supporting the switch with a game they made for systems that were already out! WOW! OMG doom and gloom for Nintendo. Oh no guys another 3rd party not bringing games to the switch. Man Capcom and other developers must get tired of what USED to be hard journalism telling them what their doing and not doing without a word of but a few comments. No Resident Evil on the Switch must mean they don't care enough to port a game that they have been working on for OTHER systems for years. Look it literally just came out, unless they are bringing a title at launch, how do you expect them to bring this over at the same time as other platform or even in the same year? Down the line we know they are more likely to open up their porting hearts for extra cash (as shown with other games) but right now these articles need to stop. Look at how game developers ignored other platforms and you will be amazed at the rebound.

Gamespot you used to be better than this. You looking for extra clicks for an article about taking some potshots at nintendo. And thats all it is, is right now for everyone their an easy target lets shoot a few and see if they stick. Its not Nintendo that is a cancer to the gaming industry, its "shell" articles like this. Grow up Gamespot; In your own right, grow the f up.

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@smearytoast: How do you know, do you have inside information? Most of the time, if not all the time 3rd party companies know specs or at least the suspected specs well ahead of the time because of the simple reason that games are not created in a week or two months and the company creating the console let them know well ahead of time. I'm sure that they knew something before the media and the rest of the world knew. If Capcom really had any interest in creating the game for the Switch they would have done it even if it was a later release, like at the end of the year or something. But Capcom clearly said know Switch Resident evil

Avatar image for isariamkia

@angrycreep: "I'm looking forward to the possibilities of the system itself, but we have no plans at the moment regarding Resident Evil on Switch," Kawata said

Please read the article entirely. That's not hard, seriously. Yes, there aren't much probabilities that this game will come on the Switch BUT there are probabilities that it will come. So "But Capcom clearly said know Switch Resident evil" it's bullshit.

Avatar image for angrycreep

@isariamkia: By now you would think that people like you will be able to read lips. They always say that to get people of their back, the problem is that almost all the time a Nintendo console end up getting the end of the stick and the game is not done for their console. Don't get me wrong I wish the switch get's its own version of the game but this has happen to Nintendo so much that is difficult to believe and this is not the first time that a game company come out and say something similar it has happen many times. Just get it the switch is not getting any resident evil Kawata gave you hopes and then he will destroy them and here you are buying into his possibilities bullshit.

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Nobody is bringing anything to the Switch. Wii and WiiU were Zelda/Mario systems. Switch will be just that, a boring ass Zelda/Mario system. Nice variety, bro.

Avatar image for doctor_mg


Lots of games announced for the Nintendo Switch that aren't Mario or Zelda.

In fact, there are around 68 confirmed games for the Switch and only 3 of them are in relation to Mario or Zelda.

Avatar image for sakaixx

@doctor_mg: most of those are shovelware and old ports.

Avatar image for doctor_mg


Edit: Nevermind. For some reason I read your response as "all". Yeah, probably the majority are old ports and shovelware.

Avatar image for silversix_

@doctor_mg: Bunch of shovelware you mean.

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There are some gems that are coming up too. Depends on your preference. Xenoblade 2, Splatoon 2, a new fire emblem, shin megami tensei, Dragon Quest XI, and Arms don't look like shovelware at all to me.

Avatar image for silversix_

@doctor_mg: Other than Xeno 2 (which isn't for everyone since its like playing a solo mmo), you haven't mentioned anything that can go toe to toe with games like Dark Souls 3, doom, ME:A, RDR2 etc etc etc. Outside of Zelda, a WiiU port, there's not a single "good" game until the end of 2017 IF it doesn't get delayed (Mario).

Avatar image for doctor_mg


Fire Emblem is an excellent strategy series. I don't think a single entry in the series has gotten below an 80. Typically they fall in the 85-90 range.

The first Splatoon was overlooked by the majority of people who are now probably playing Overwatch. It is really a great game to play. With the improvements they are bringing to the Switch for the sequel I could see this score a solid 87.

Every *preview I've seen for Arms says they could see this having a great competitive scene, provided they add more characters.

Shin Megami Tensei and Dragon Quest XI I can't speak for the quality. Especially since Shin Megami Tensei will be very niche.

The thing is, the majority of what you listed I could play on a PC. If those are the only games you look forward to, why buy a console at all?


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@doctor_mg: Still, Fire Emblem can not keep the quality if it keep being milked everytime, soon it will fall. In fact Intelligent Systems may already max out of ideas and stamina as Nintendo keep forcing them with threat "Sell well or disband". The obvious proof is that they have to make Fire Emblem Dynasty Warriors Ver. with Tecmo and OmegaForce just like Zelda - Hyrule Warriors. The Hyrule did success once, but cannot hold the fans long and if Nintendo keep using this formula "out of ideas, turn them into Dynasty Warriors" then it is over.
Oh and upcoming Fire Emblem "Cash Grab" ver. on mobile? Meh... they've done fucked it up.
The same for Splatoon 2. The improvements look great, but they are more like the update contents that Splatoon 1 should have got and therefore Splatoon 2 is not necessary. Furthermore, those improvements won't expand the experiences long enough as they are very similar to the first game with just a bit of tweaks. Soon the players will get tired of it and switch to another game. It is not that Splatoon is rich-content like Monster Hunter anyway.
And talk about Monster Hunter. One day it will fall really really soon. Definitely Capcom cannot hold it any longer. Either the Switch is strong enough so that Monster Hunter can evolve with larger and deadlier, bigger monster battles. or Monster Hunter will end up being Pokemon. Yup Monster hunter Stories, it look good and fresh, but again it kinda a bit stray out of Monster Hunter's spirit. However for now, just assume that MH still sell well on Nintendo handhelds (include Switch)
Arms, yeah maybe it will gain a good amount of attention. But it already failed at one thing that the game itself and nintendo switch are made about - Motion control.
SMT and Dragon Quest.. mmmm could be good, could be decent. Can't say for sure.
Super Bomberman R - with Microtransaction, you know what will happen (thanks Kona... nevermind)
Other games, either you already played on other consoles, or already emulated via PC, etc...
Now only Zelda and new Mario left. Let's wait and see how they do it.

Avatar image for doctor_mg


Fire Emblem Warriors is being made by Koei Tecmo, Omega Force and Team Ninja for the majority of it. With some creative influence from the Intelligent Systems team. Also, the last entry in the Fire Emblem series was 2015, and before that 2012. I'd hardly call that milked. Not to mention that Intelligent System works on many entries in conjunction with Nintendo SPD.
Splatoon still has quite a few people playing online. Splatoon 2 will experience improvements in weapons, maps, and special attacks (which weren't present before). Splatoons 2 will experience the biggest improvement through an overhauled online infrastructure though. Not to mention that the improvements that were shown were still beta, and the game isn't set to release for 7 more months.

Monster Hunter isn't a confirmed game yet. Main series Monster Hunter games are consistently solid, though that is a series that has been milked.

You do realize that Arms allows for other control types right? It isn't delegated to only motion control.

SMT is a very niche series. Dragon Quest XI is certainly less niche, though not as popular in America.

Does Super Bomberman have microtransactions? Or are you just assuming?

Really, what it sounds like to me, is you either don't like Nintendo games or you simply want them to fail. Your points are extremely negative, just assuming that, after all these entries in Fire Emblem, the games are no longer going to be good just because there is a spin off title coming around and a mobile title? I mean, there was a mobile title of uncharted too, that didn't make it any worse.

Avatar image for superbuuman

Booo!...why not?...

Avatar image for stage4saiyan

Resident Evil doesn't strike me as a game to play on a portable system. You need a big TV and surround sound for that. Just bring Monster Hunter to the Switch and we're good.

Avatar image for timetraveler_x

Think it's more interesting to hear comments from devs that are releasing games for the Switch, of course not every game ever made in history will be ported to the system. Besides the main point with RE7 is to be a VR game so why would they really release it for the Switch at this point and why does it matter?

Think most people today own more than one console any way or just pc, get a VR helmet for the PC and you're all set.

And yeah we already got a lot of games announced and they all look to be a good choise for the Switch and I'm personally surprised so many major first party titles are mixed in there like Breath of the Wild, Mario Oddessey, 2x Fire Emblem games, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Splatoon 2 etc and all more or less within one year.

That's like Sony would release Heavy rain 2, Beyond two souls 2, Last of us 2 and 2 more major games one year after releasing a new console.

And I also see a lot of people that just sorta insult others who like Nintendo or the Switch.

That I don't really get, like do some people wake up, think I will make another person feel bad for liking something I don't like. I really don't get that what sort of messed up person does that?

Avatar image for isariamkia

@timetraveler_x: What makes me a bit angry with people is that they bash Nintendo giving false informations about it and/or not reading entirely the article. The guy said "AT THE MOMENT", he didn't say "NEVER". It has to be read as it is, you can't say for sure it will never be released on the Switch because of this "AT THE MOMENT".
Plus, lot of people are just sheep and don't even care if what they read is right or not, if they can hate they hate, that's all. I'm not a Pro Nintendo but I like their games and I like their consoles and I accept the fact that they can make a lot of mistakes and I like to talk about it with people who can argue with arguments other than "LOLOL NINTENDO KIDS UNDERPOWERED§".

Avatar image for timetraveler_x

@isariamkia: Yeah I agree, it's usually more a factor of sales. Do developers get the money back for porting existing games or creating new ones for the system. It usually very rarely a question of power. And if I would guess for one the development kits haven't been around all that long. The other thing is probably that some companies are careful until they see how it sells.

And Yeah I also read a lot of people that calls it under powered and they usually don't really understand technology at all and they more or less all base their claims on a rumor from July 2016 from some blogger girl.

Personally I think the fox con leaks seems more probable, they where even asked to be taken down by an unknown source, if any rumor/leak is probable at all and if it is true I would rather say it is actually pretty insanely powerful for a system that can be taken on the go. It's almost up there with the Xbox one:

Avatar image for isariamkia

@timetraveler_x: Thanks for the link, I'll watch the video later !

"Using special heat pipes, making the tablet run cooler in your hands"

I didn't even think about that and reading that now makes me happy, I wouldn't like to have a hot console on my hands.

The silent fans are a good point too, even if the noise wouldn't bother me.

Avatar image for timetraveler_x

@isariamkia: Yeah I agree but I think the most interesting thing about this leak are that it matching with current battery capacity, form factory, how the dock works etc. It also gives us pascal architecture and these clock speeds witch is actually pretty strong:

CPU: 1785mhz

GPU: 921mhz

Ram (EMC): 1600mhz

This would mean a performance between:

Measured from leak: 921mhz * 256 cores * 2 Flops per core * 2 (Fp16) = 943 104 Gflop = 1 Tflop

Normal chip performance (let's guess docked performance): 1465mhz * 256 cores * 2 * 2 (Fp16) = 1 500 160 Gflop = 1,5 Tflop

Personally I think this sounds reasonable from what we seen and it's also pretty amazing.

Avatar image for darksouls

Lol another one already. It never gets old haha

Avatar image for santinegrete

I remember when I got the GameCube to play Resident Evil exclusives on it. Remembering those times and seeing how things are now and this article certainly is very surprising. But let's remember both parties f***ed up between those years. You know in what.

Avatar image for Terrorantula

The same will happen as always, no third parties on a Nintendo console.