Capcom launches Clover Studio

New in-house development studio begins operations in Osaka, launches Web site today.


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TOKYO--Capcom announced that its new subsidiary Clover Studio opened today in Osaka, Japan. Capcom's new in-house developer will operate with a capital fund of 90 million yen ($831,000). The studio will employ 64 developers that have transferred from Capcom, including Resident Evil series producer Shinji Mikami and Devil May Cry director Hideki Kamiya. Atsushi Inaba, producer of the Viewtiful Joe series and Steel Battalion, will be the company president. Clover Studio's office is situated just across the street from Capcom's Headquarters.

Clover Studio's official Web site also opened today. At the present time, the site includes corporate information, staff recruiting, and media for its upcoming three titles: Viewtiful Joe (PS2), Viewtiful Joe 2 (PS2 & GC), and Okami (PS2). There is also a section for columns by Clover Studio's employees, though they are all in Japanese.

For more details on Viewtiful Joe, Viewtiful Joe 2, and Okami check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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