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Capcom Is Planning More HD Remasters

Re-releases highlighted as one of the company's "key business activities."


Capcom has marked high-definition remasters of legacy games as a key area of potential growth for the company.

In a recent Q&A as part of a financial briefing, Capcom suggested it will publish more HD remasters, and claims the demand for them is there to support these.

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"HD remasters of our catalogue hit titles will be one of our key business activities ... [digital sales] created new demand for these titles. For example, overseas download sales of "Resident Evil" (HD Remastered) in the past fiscal year were far higher than we expected.

"It is not a risk but rather the growth of the download sales channel gives users more options. We regard this as growth in opportunities to have allow access for more people to enjoy our games."

Digitally delivered content was big focus of for Capcom during its last fiscal year as it attempted to diversify distribution channels. The company has said it expects this strategy will "deliver a sustainable growth going forward."

Resident Evil HD Remaster was released in January 20 on consoles and PC, and broke sales records for Capcom, becoming the fastest selling digital title in the company's history across North America and Europe.

The game also broke PlayStation Network records, where it was the "biggest selling day one digital title," according to Capcom. However, the publisher did not share a total units sales figure for the game or provide a breakdown of sales by platform.

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