Capcom Is Opening an "Experiential Restaurant"

Capcom Cafe opens November 20.


Resident Evil and Street Fighter publisher Capcom has announced plans to open its own restaurant/store hybrid. Called the "Capcom Cafe," the establishment is officially labeled an "experiential restaurant" and is slated to open for business in Japan at the Aeon LakeTown shopping mall in Koshigaya on November 20.

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Not only will you be able to buy food and drink at the Capcom Cafe, but visitors can buy Capcom merchandise that isn't sold anywhere else and play games on a demo machine.

The Capcom Cafe will also feature themed content from time to time to promote upcoming games. The first theme is Monster Hunter X, which launches for 3DS on November 28 in Japan. This promotion will include things like "large-scale panel displays of monsters on the walls" and "monstrously stylized menu items."

This is all part of Capcom's deliberate effort to spread its gaming franchises to new places as part of its "Single Content Multiple Usage" strategy. Overall, this is initiative is aimed at "maximizing the value of its IPs and creating new opportunities for revenue while working to further enhance its performance."

Capcom already runs amusement arcades in Japanese malls, which it calls "Plaza Capcom," while it also operates a themed food store called "Monhan Sweets Airou Crepe Shop." On top of that, Capcom runs a children's play place called "Asobi Oukoku peekaboo." The new Capcom Cafe aims to combine these.

An artist's rendering of the Capcom Cafe is available above. Would you like to visit a place like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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