Capcom: Industry seeing changes of "unprecedented magnitude"

COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto says rising popularity of smartphones and "increasingly social" nature of games has resulted in "enormous changes."


Dead Rising 3
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The gaming industry is going through changes of "unprecedented magnitude," Dead Rising and Resident Evil publisher Capcom COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto said in an open letter today.

"Our performance reflected the momentous shifts in the composition of the entire game market caused by changes of an unprecedented magnitude," Tsujimoto said.

The two "key trends" at the heart of these significant changes are the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets, as well as the "increasingly social" nature of games in general. But that's not all, he said.

"Moreover, advances in networks are causing software sales to move from packaged products to digital distribution," he said.

Such changes aren't a cause for concern, Tsujimoto said, noting that the outlook for the industry overall "is bright." He said strong sales of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 is reason to believe there is "even more demand" for new software.

"Enormous changes like these are excellent opportunities for Capcom," Tsujimoto said.

Specifically, Capcom plans to maximize earnings by focusing on three core competencies, Tsujimoto said. First is delivering content for all types of hardware. Second is leveraging the company's "Single Content Multiple Usage Strategy," whereby the publisher aims to deliver its products across all types of media. And third is growing its global marketshare, he said.

To that end, Capcom CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto said in a separate open letter that the company plans to hire at least 100 new software developers every year as a means to "give us an even more powerful development workforce."

Capcom announced earlier this week that it has now shipped more than 1 million copies of Xbox One-exclusive Dead Rising 3.

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