Capcom in-house band to release new Mega Man OST cover album

The band called Rock-Men consists of in-house composers who worked on Sengoku Basara 3 and the Monster Hunter series.

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From the Super Mario Bros. theme, to cover bands playing classic chiptunes using guitars and percussion, music has always been one of the most important elements in video games. Given the fanfare for the soundtrack of the Mega Man series (also known as Rock Man in Japan), three composers from Capcom's sound team formed a band called Rock-Men and will be releasing an album called We are Rock-Men!"

Overseas Blue Bomber fans can always rely on import sites to get this album.
Overseas Blue Bomber fans can always rely on import sites to get this album.

The three members that form Rock-Men are Masahiro Aoki (Sengoku Basara 3), Yasumasa Kitagawa (Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Ultimate All-Stars), and Mitsuhiko Takano (Monster Hunter series). The album will have 17 tracks that will cover the soundtrack of the original Mega Man, the Mega Man X series, and Mega Man Legends. The tracks themselves will be a hybrid of rock and techno.

The album will be out on September 21 and will retail at 2,100 yen ($27) in Japan. For a full track list, check out Capcom's official post on the album.

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kool music. i dont think i will see other things with megaman and capcom together cos Keiji Inafune is out of capcom now...

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this just pisses me off.

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i wont to play a new Megaman game! please...

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This is just wrong.

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oh so megaman is going to be just a thing in the past now. there going to bury the legacy of one of the companies best. just a a megaman ost

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No games