Capcom Has Plans To "Utilize" Dormant Franchises

Let's hope Power Stone gets a remaster or a brand-new entry.


Capcom has many titles under its umbrella, including well-known and active franchises like Devil May Cry, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, and many more. Capcom has now said it wants to revive some of its dormant classics too.

In a recent investor report, company president and COO, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, spoke about Capcom's plans for the future. Though he did not detail anything specific, Tsujimoto seems adamant about bringing back the classics.

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"For the time being, while we are placing a priority on maximizing the revenue from current core IP, we are also actively looking to utilize dormant IP," Tsujimoto said. "Further, as the creation of new IP is indispensable in generating medium- to long-term growth, we are working to develop new brands as well."

Tsujimoto's intentions seem firmly placed in the utilization of "dormant IP," but it's also worth noting that Tsujimoto notes the company is actively seeking ways to "develop new brands." This could mean Capcom is working on all-new franchises to introduce to its fanbase, but Tsujimoto did not clarify this statement.

Tsujimoto also talked about microtransactions and the monetization models for Capcom's titles, confirming that the company frequently "refrains" from implementing gacha mechanics in its mobile games.

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