Capcom Files Trademark For "Monster Hunter: World"

Could there be another Monster Hunter game on the way?

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Capcom grabbed headlines when it announced Monster Hunter XX exclusively for Nintendo Switch last month, and it's also working on a Western version of Monster Hunter Stories. However, these may not be the only Monster Hunter projects in the pipeline: Capcom recently filed a trademark for "Monster Hunter: World."

The trademark application was submitted on June 5, and Capcom will likely have to wait a while for it to be accepted. The US Patent and Trademark Office database gives only a few hints at what this might be: it is tagged as "video game software," "downloadable game program for playing on mobile phones and smart phones," "downloadable screen saver software and wallpaper software for mobile phones and smart phones," among others.

As always, early trademark filings like this have to be taken in context. Many trademarks are attached to products that never come to fruition; Capcom could simply be covering its bases and registering a bunch of titles related to the Monster Hunter series.

However, if I were to speculate, I would hazard a guess that Monster Hunter World is some sort of online and mobile hub for the series--perhaps a tie-in to the franchise, something like Deus Ex Universe. There is, of course, no concrete evidence to support this theory, and plenty of fans online think that it's Monster Hunter 5 or a PS4-exclusive installment in the series.

In any case, keep an eye on GameSpot for more Capcom news, especially as we head into next week when E3 2017 takes place.

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