Capcom expands Down Under

Dead Rising publisher teams up with Activision to release Lost Planet Extreme Condition in Australia and New Zealand.


Aussie gamers sometimes feel they get a raw deal--the region is often last in line for new console and game launch dates, and the country's rating system means that any games deemed to be suitable only for those over age 15 are automatically banned.

But now, there's finally a little bit of good news for gamers in the southern hemisphere. Capcom and Activision have teamed up with a view to expanding their operations in what they describe as "the growing markets of Australia and New Zealand territories."

Capcom will be releasing the action game Lost Planet Extreme Condition in early 2007, followed by two former Clover Studio titles--arty adventure Okami and beat-'em-up God Hand for the PS2.

Hiroshi Tobisawa, president and acting CEO of Capcom USA, and president of CE Europe, said of the collaboration, "This region is extremely important to Capcom and with Activision we have found a partner with unparalleled knowledge and expertise of the Australian and New Zealand markets. This will prove invaluable for the launch of Lost Planet Extreme Condition and the rest of Capcom's 2007 line-up."

Capcom also expressed its desire to continue to strengthen and expand its operations in other regions outside of Japan, which it said so far had proved "favourable."

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