Capcom Essentials compilation out this October

Five-game bundle to cost $59.99 for Xbox 360 and PS3; games include Resident Evil 6, Dead Rising 2, and Super Street Fighter IV.


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Capcom has announced that it will be releasing a new game compilation called Capcom Essentials for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Five games for $59.90: would you buy it?
Five games for $59.90: would you buy it?

The compilation contains Resident Evil 6, Super Street Fighter IV, Devil May Cry 4, Dead Rising 2, and Mega Man 10. The bundle will cost $59.99 and includes a free travel bag with the Capcom logo on it.

The version of Super Street Fighter IV in the bundle is not the Arcade Edition; users can still upgrade it to Ultra Street Fighter IV next year for $14.99. The version of Dead Rising 2 is the original, not Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, and does not come with Case West and Case Zero.

Capcom Essentials will be out on October 8.

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Avatar image for inebriantia

Hmm, looking these up on Gamestop. RE6 - 18, DMC4 - 13, SSF4 - 10, DR2 - 13, Mega Man 10 -10. So the used total comes to $64, so I'd save $4 buying this and and get a tote bag as well.

Not as overpriced as so many people here are making it out to be. People act like this price point is just absurd.

Avatar image for Gargus

I can get on ebay and buy the better versions of those games for less than 60.

That's such a scatter shot set of games that most people that would have considered it already own probably one of those games and not going to pay 60 dollars for the others.

Avatar image for madsnakehhh

Well, at least they got the good DMC sadly RE6 is trash, everybody owns SSF4 by now, Mega man 10 and Dead Rising 2 are the only one that i haven't played...but to be fair, if there is anyone who haven't played any of those games, by $60 is a pretty good deal...except for RE6 that game sucks.

Avatar image for Raxyman

@madsnakehhh Seriously, have you even got to play RE6? Sure, the gameplay isn't the kind of horror that the series began, but how could they? If Capcom did the classic gameplay i'm sure the game wouldn't sell and a lot of people would complain that they are lazy for not updating the engine.

Overall the only bad thing about it is the over-use of QTE, but nobody ever complains when God of War does that...

5 was way worse than 6.

Avatar image for bgghgubcjhgknjk

wow seriously? DMC4 over DMC5? Resi 6 over REvelations? SSF4 over arcade edition? and you should definately include the add on packs to dead rising 2, this is a collection of crappy games for the most part or older games. release an actual essentials pack capcom!

Avatar image for Tripwolf

Wow, they're really reaching on this one.

Avatar image for lm316

and no a single **** was given that day Capcom!

you want me to play RE6 Capcom??? **** You!!!

Avatar image for SavoyPrime

I don't find any of these games to be essential. >_>

Avatar image for santinegrete

Wasn't devil may Cry 4 in another pack before? Along Lost Planet maybe? They only way to save this pack is to add dragons Dogma, everything here isn't that good or worth, unless you never played any of those games and know there's at least three you can enjoy.

Avatar image for Joedgabe

Not worth it.. Street fighter is incomplete... RE6 is something everyone can pass on... Megaman 10 devil may cry 4 and Dead rising you can get all of them for less than 30 dollars..... Dead Rising 2 sucks though.

Avatar image for RX-78MajiGundam

im sure theyre hoping to make craptons off dlc alone from these games. crapcom was complete sh*t this gen.

4 sf4's, no megaman, crap re 6, dlc milking, etc etc.

Avatar image for blueboxdoctor

That's a pretty lame deal. Why not put in Dragon's Dogma or add some of the DLC for these games?

Avatar image for alenth

This deal is a fucking scam.

Avatar image for RSM-HQ

I own a good Special Edition copy of Devil May Cry 4 which other than super (Ultra on its way) is the best game on the list. It's a tempting bundle if you've never played many current gen Capcom games.

Otherwise... Why bother?

Resident Evil 6 has mixed views 'personally I got my moneys worth' & Mega Man 10 without 9 is very strange... For a download choice Bionic Commando Rearmed should have been placed in this set in my honest opinion.

Dead Rising 2 lastly, has a complete edition and this seems to only bundle the vanilla.

Again, good overall bundle for new comers who want current gen games from Capcom. Not so much for anyone else.

Avatar image for Shinobi120


I agree with you. What a lame compilation.

A better compilation would be to take most of the games that they made for XBLA & PSN & put them all into one disc, the games being

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix

1942 Joint Strike

Bionic Commando Rearmed

Mega Man 9 & 10

Age of Booty

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

Final Fight: Double Impact

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure HD Version

Marvel Vs. Capcom Origins

Capcom Arcade Cabinet: All-In-One Pack

Darkstalkers Resurrection

Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara

Ducktales Remastered

etc. Especially to those without internet access who haven't played those games listed above (especially for new gamers). But no, we get old recent games most people have already played. And some choices are very awful (Resident Evil 6? Super Street Fighter IV instead of the Arcade Edition version)? C'mon.

Avatar image for RSM-HQ

@Shinobi120 What an awesome list fella!

Capcom needs to hire people with this train of thought.. (I'd personally add either Resident Evil CV or 4/ with Devil May Cry 3) <Just so we have some 3D generation gaming.

Indeed Capcoms strongest focus with current consoles in my view, has definitely been digital. & the quality of remakes and re-releases has been impressive. It's the new stuff that drifts from previous success.

Ducktales & Dungeons & Dragons maybe perhaps a tad new however 'despite being remasterings'.

& though I'm in the minority when I say "Resident Evil 6 is still not bad" It certainly doesn't hold a candle to any of those games above!

Avatar image for YukoAsho

Really? It's not even teh fucking Arcade Edition? No physical Megaman9/10?

You really are cynical bastards, Capcom.

Avatar image for Ambivalist

Did Capcom see the reception Resident Evil 6 got? Just wondering. In fact, each of these games kind of seem like the wrong choice from their franchise. And not having the most recent version of Street Fighter IV in there seems like a cruel joke.

Avatar image for ZWarrior006

When is the super ultimate edition coming out for this bundle?

Avatar image for sanchango

@ZWarrior006 waiting for the super ultimate HD remix edition

Avatar image for bgghgubcjhgknjk

@sanchango @ZWarrior006 nah I'm waiting for the ultimate super hd remix arcade turbo version with extra costumes

Avatar image for Zloth2

Wow, compare this to the Humble Bundle story right above it.

Avatar image for TheCyborgNinja

I own all three of those, but if I lacked 2 of them I'd snap it up.

Avatar image for KaSeRRoR

Nnnnnnnnnegative on this price point! Disaster waiting to happen...


Avatar image for ominous_prime

Should be called Capcom bare essentials. It would have been a value if it came with the games complete with add ons.

Avatar image for XND

says: I will not support Capcom

Avatar image for DBZxDiExHARD

I'm not paying $59.99 for that! Bring it down to $59.98, then we'll talk. lol

Avatar image for sanchango

@DBZxDiExHARD $59.98?!? That's a rip off! $59.97 sounds more reasonable.

Avatar image for mattroks101

@sanchango @DBZxDiExHARD Ya'll are being ridiculous, that's waaaay to much. >_> $59.96 or I'm not buying.

Avatar image for Vodoo

Is this the new Devil May Cry that came out a few months ago? And it should include all the Dead Rising 2 content. It's not like it's a huge seller at this point.

Avatar image for DBZxDiExHARD

@Vodoo No, it's the reboot.

Avatar image for demon-returns


Stop spreading false info. How can it be the reboot when that didn't even have a 4 in its title?

The reboot is simply called Devil May Cry without any numbers

Avatar image for DBZxDiExHARD

@demon-returns @DBZxDiExHARD Oh sorry, I misinterpreted the question. I meant to say that the game included in the Capcom Essentials is the fourth game in the series, not the reboot. Sorry for the mixup. :/

Avatar image for nigelholden

So, the only way this is a good deal is if you want to own every game on the list (and you don't own any), don't care about the DLC, refuse to buy used games, and really, really in need of a Capcom tote bag.

Avatar image for SopranosFan

I find myself daily commenting how my life would be complete if I just had a Capcom tote bag! Now if I don't die before this comes out I can die happy.

Avatar image for BiohazardXTREME

Man, some games use the word "essential" very, very loosely.

Avatar image for EPaul

The thing that confuses me the most is only having the SSFIV but not AE. I think they are just trying to get rid of some unsold discs

Avatar image for Grenadeh

Megaman 10 and RE6 are certainly not essentials.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

Come revisit all the game series we have defiled! I'm surprised they didn't include Breath of Fire 5 in there too.

Avatar image for Bowser05

That would be neat if it was an actual complete package with the DLC also. Then again...what more could I expect from Capcom. /sigh

Avatar image for Ranma_X_basic

I'd be excited for this this compilation if i didn't already own these games individually. (RE6 and Devil may cry 4 are both mediorce at best).

i'd say for those gamers that don't own any of these games (and i can't imagine anyone that doesn't) should get this compilation. if you don't just buy them individually. since they're most likely $20 or less.

Avatar image for ANUBISZER0

This deal is..... This deal is.... Not that great.

Avatar image for EricShadow366

What, no Megaman 9? Who needs 'Super' when 'Ultra' is out in a year or so? Who cares about Resident Evil 6? Why no Off the Record Edition? Why ONLY Devil May Cry 4? And who wants a stupid cheap travel bag?! Capcom, this is...well...a rip-off.

Avatar image for gamebuyer22

Not even a good deal

Avatar image for lilj2626

most da games posted i got or beat but where is da capcom cabinet y aint dat n it or fa sale

Avatar image for heretic642

@lilj2626 Noah Webster is rolling in his grave, and you're the reason.

Avatar image for LEGOslayer

Couldn't even put MM10 on a disk...

Avatar image for moonco

Capcom Essentials? More like Capcom Forgettables

Avatar image for Bowser05

@Moonco Hey hey I enjoyed Mega Man 10! Can't say much about the rest of those games though...

Avatar image for Dentalflossbush

No thanks Capcom, no thanks