Capcom envisions 'unique' Resident Evil game for Wii U

Revelations director Koushi Nakanishi says there are "lots of things I'd like to try out" on Nintendo's new console for future entry in series.


Resident Evil 6 skipped a launch for the Wii U, but a future entry in the series could land on Nintendo's upcoming high-definition console. Resident Evil Revelations director Koushi Nakanishi told the Official Nintendo Magazine that the Wii U offers numerous untapped possibilities for the franchise.

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"The Wii U certainly looks like it will enable creators to come up with all kinds of never-before-seen gameplay ideas," Nakanishi said. "There are lots of things I'd like to try out on it."

Nakanishi said if a Resident Evil game is made for the Wii U, it should leverage the Wii U's two-screen approach to differentiate itself from what could be done with other hardware.

"The GamePad's separate screen enables so many possibilities, and playing on a television screen would enable sharing the experience in a way that wasn't possible on Nintendo 3DS," he said. "I feel it would let us create a very unique and fun Resident Evil game."

The Wii U is due out in North America on November 18, with releases to follow in Europe and Australia on November 30, and Japan on December 8. The Wii U will be available in North American beginning at $300 for a basic bundle and also through a $350 deluxe edition that includes a copy of NintendoLand.

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