Capcom descends on Lost Planet 2

Japanese publisher confirms via Xbox Live that gamers will return to EDN III; previously frozen wasteland planet now features lush jungle.


Today Capcom officially confirmed the Lost Planet news that emerged at the end of January: The publisher's 2007 third-person shooter Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is getting a sequel.

After confirming the plans to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu last month, the Japanese publisher released a video today via Xbox Live in the US that features gameplay footage, an introduction by Jun Takeuchi--the producer for Resident Evil 5 who is also overseeing production for Lost Planet 2--and a brief Q&A with the game's director, Kenji Oguro. No platforms were confirmed in the trailer, but Capcom's Keiji Inafune told Famitsu that the game would be coming to multiple platforms when it was first mentioned in January.

In the introduction and Q&A, both Oguro and Takeuchi were at pains to mention how much player feedback has affected a number of the design decisions in Lost Planet 2. Namely, the pair promise enhanced online co-op play and a story that will be told from several angles, rather than following a single protagonist. The trailer's extended gameplay segments show fights involving on-foot human troopers as well as giant mechs doing battle with enemies on the same large scale as in the original Lost Planet.

Lost Planet 2 will take place 10 years after the events in Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, and during those 10 years, EDN III appears to have undergone some serious changes. Although the trailer's gameplay segment starts in a familiar icy wasteland, the action quickly switches to what seems to be squad-based action in a dense, wet jungle. Mechs appear to be piloted by soldiers, and one trooper on the ground is equipped with a compact shield that expands when deployed to provide instant cover for his allies.

No release date was given, but Takeuchi closes with a promise to provide more information on the game "before too long."

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