Capcom defends on-disc DLC - Report

Purported statement from publisher says there is "effectively no distinction" between on-disc DLC and downloaded add-ons save for delivery method.


Street Fighter X Tekken
Tekken X Street Fighter

Capcom has no problem with on-disc downloadable content, according to a company statement obtained by CinemaBlend.

What do you think about on-disc DLC?
What do you think about on-disc DLC?

A reader sent the site what it claims to be Capcom's response to a Better Business Bureau complaint lodged against the company in regard to Street Fighter X Tekken's on-disc DLC. In the statement, Capcom said the best way to go about offering add-on content is by including it on game discs.

"While Capcom is sorry that some of its fans are not happy about the chosen method of delivery for the DLC, we believe that this method will provide more flexible and efficient gameplay throughout the game's lifecycle," reads the statement. "There is effectively no distinction between the DLC being 'locked' behind the disc and available for unlocking at a later date, or being available through a full download at a later date, other than delivery mechanism. We hope that this addresses [name withheld] concerns."

GameSpot has contacted Capcom for comment on the matter, but as of press time, the publisher had not responded.

On the eve of Street Fighter X Tekken's launch earlier this month, Capcom admitted that the 12 "downloadable" characters announced as PlayStation Vita exclusives were actually on the discs of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game. These fighters will be sold for $20 (1,600 MS points) sometime after the PS Vita version launches this fall.

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I don't mind DLC so long as the actual download is more than just 108 KB, as CAPCOM did with Dampierre in Soul Calibur 5. The fact that the character himself is on the disc (as is proved by the fact that a few Quick Battle enemies use his figthing style) irritates me because it does seem like more of a way to suck money out of the person, even if it is $5. If there was a code inside each new copy, I would find that ok as it helps to decrease in pre-owned sales of the game, effectively giving people more of a reason to buy new and give more money to the developers as opposed to the retail companies, like most companies are doing with the online side of games. The optional stuff like more missions in Fallout or Skyrim, is good for DLC, as is more clothing for creatable characters in SC5 and etc. But things clearly on the disc, just costs an extra 5-10 bucks to get them? I have to admit, that annoys me

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Do not think about it any more. That's the only way to regain your health. Breath and do not think of squeezing their necks with your bare hands. Do not think of their company failing in the future and burning to the ground into little pieces. Believe what they are telling you is truth.

We don't have no choice on the matter. Unless you can become a hacker in a few days, Just forget about the hold thing and let time work it's magic. Pretty soon will be the vita release and this nightmare will be gone. I think people are handling this pretty good. Just don't do nothing crazy. We love paying for extra content. Capcom is your friend. Not your enemy. Let it all go. Do not imagine yourself squeezing their necks. Is all over. Regain your health.

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Bullsh*t. No amount of cleverly articulated cr*p or Oscar Award Winning acting from Capcom will change or hide the fact that they have become money hungry bast*rds with no regard or respect for the consumer.

They have now sneakily begun upping the prices of their full games to roughly $100 (that is given the cost of the game, and then DLC characters and also costume packs if you choose to purchase them). We all know that when playing other people who have the unlocked characters it can make the initial purchased game seem a little reduntant. Capcom know what they are doing and how to manipulate the consumer!

I am just really disappointed, as i used to be a huge fan of Capcom and the original street fighter/ x men/dalkstalkers franchise. But back then, Capcom did alot more in regards to working with and for the consumer, making the whole experience enjoyable and making us work harder to unlock those precious hidden gems within the game.

No more... the company has become dilluted and if they had their way they would keep pushing it; upping the price as long as no one complains about it: lining their own pockets.

i dont condone breaking the Law, although NOTED: Capcom has been robbing us blind! so it was only a matter of time before the consumer had had enough and evidently this has been made clear.

PERSONALLY, I WONT BE BUYING ANY CAPCOM GAMES UNLESS THEY ARE PREOWNED AS I REFUSE TO PAY THE FULL PRICE. i dont like the fact that capcom has no respect for the consumer. and had i been able to unlock the disk, i would have done it myself!

its a shame that capcom has changed. i miss the OLD CAPCOM.

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Capcom is right, hate to say it. As long as the content on the purchased disc is of an adequate amount given the price, on disc DLC is justified. The argument that people own the disc and the content on it is empty, essentially when you buy a game you are licensing use of the content available on the disc not given property rights over it. That being said the best reason for on disc DLC simply stems from compatibility. On disc DLC means players will be able to play with each other despite some not choosing to buy the content and despite not having to take up more space on their hard-drive. This is honestly a great reason to utilize this medium of delivery. The problem is what is an 'adequate amount' of content before DLC. It will be up to the gamer to decide. If DLC was refundable the gamer would be empowered to download and then judge the company in accordance, rather than be stuck with a game that they thought was fully featured but later are locked into heavy DLC costs.

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Ladies and Gentlemen it's the DLCapcom

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Capcom is a horrible game developer i'm glad i'm not a fan of Street Fighter, Resident evil nor any of their worthless franchises they've driven into the dirt

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In a way, he's right.

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No Capcom, just no. :|

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@HonorOfGod On disk DLC is more like ordering a burger with everything on it, (presumably including bacon), then finding out that the bacon is in the bottom of the box hidden by a secret panel that can only be opened for more $$$ down the line...

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@RitsukoEX Sorry to burst your bubble but I haven't bought a Capcom game since i bought Megaman X for the SNES. So your attempt at a zinger failed

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I see a Capcom employee is currently thumbing people's comments down...

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dlc = down load content , NOT disc locked content , SCREW YOU CAPCOM !!!!

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I'll vote with my wallet. I'll buy the game, but I won't fork over any extra money for extra characters just so Capcom can make extra $$$.

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And people complain about Day-1 DLC? Don't think I'm ever going to buy a Capcom game again, at least not new.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Will not buy another capcom game but if I happen to feel like it sometime it will be used and old by than. No credit to cashcom. It is not the same if you put it on the disc its like buying a burger at mcds and picking a big Mac with bacon on it from the menu, paying full price than biting it only to findout it has no bacon so you go up to the counter and tell the worker, hey this burger is missing the bacon that I wanted and payed for, worker than says, the bacon will be an extra five please.... The fudge.. but I payed.., no you must empty your wallet to eat all the burge sir... the fudge!

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So glad I bought this game used.

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It's not Downloadable Content if it's on the disc is it? It would feel so cheap buying it to unlock it. Just like how Steam downloaded Portal for no reason on my computer but I had to buy it to play it. I have all the files I just haven't bought the game to unlock it yet. Might get a crack and then I'd get a free game :D

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i'm really against hacking games but i gonna try it once..$20 for 12 characters??..%#$%#$%#$!!!!!

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why call it DLC if its already on the disc. makes no sense. all i know is that im never ever buying another capcom game again.

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I will buy Street Fighter vs Capcom when it's 30 bucks or less. The content in the disc right now is not so much bang for my buck. Then I pay 20 dolars more and I'll have a complete game for 50 bucks, which in my book is fair.

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People are stupid to think that fully downloadable DLC is any better than disc locked DLC. You either support DLC or not, don't pretend that the developers release a game and only after release start thinking about DLC. Believe me, DLC is always planned from the very start. I only don't support DLC when I think the content that I get out of the box is too little to be worth my money, and then I have to pay 10, 20 or more to get a complete game. It doesn't really matter if it's locked to the disc or not, they rip me off, I don't by. If tomorrow Bethesda says that there is already three or more DLC on Skyrim, locked on the disc, and available for purchase for some bucks, I really wouldn't care, in fact, I'd be anxious to buy it, because the content I got for my 50 bucks was so worth my money that it doens't matter. Seriously, if you think the product Capcom realeased isn't worth your 50 bucks, then complain. But don't pretend the DLC's of your favourite games haven't been planed from the start. They have. The reason that they are not already on the disc is something that has nothing to do with the problem here. Maybe space management, or the DLC not yet being ready from the launch of the game.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> You are a moron for several reasons, and you're deluding yourself into believing that disc-locked DLC even makes sense, let alone better than actual DLC. When it's already on the disc it means it was fully developed and ready for launch, placed into the disc and they decided "you know what? We want some extra money. Let's lock these characters, charge them more and bam! 20 bucks a pop." As opposed to ACTUAL DLC, which is still being developed. So it makes perfect sense that it would come out later as downloadable content. We're paying for the extra work they did, paying for the extra hours they put into making more content for the game. Fixing bugs that shouldn't have been there, A.K.A. updates is different from DLC, therefore should not be paid for. Letting them believe that it's simply the delivery method that's different is simply ridiculous. If it was only the delivery method, then sure, disc-locked DLC would be fine. But it's NOT the delivery method, it's the whole idea all together. It's not illegal for them to do this or even false-advertisement, but that doesn't mean that it's okay for there ever to be disc-locked "DLC". EA does the same with their Fight Night games. You pay for the full game and get half the fighters, then you have to pay another 20 just to get the rest of the fighters. Truly, anyone who agrees with the whole idea is just too stupid to realize that there is indeed a difference -- and a huge difference at that -- from actual DLC and disc-locked content.

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I wonder why people don't hate Capcom more than EA yet.

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lol watch them make the fans' most favorite characters a price that's going to make us want to self destruct. The popular the character the higher the price If that happen ima ask for the hack XD

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If this goes deeper; then I may assume that CAPCOM would go as low as selling Command Lists for the excuse of "Different players forced to rekindle their tactics on an opponent with a new variety of moves"...

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really???? damn business is getting worse but does hackers so think better before doing that ripping off

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This idea is as stupid as it is dickish... Really; its just convincing pirates to pull off new tricks on their sleeve and eventually they'll get EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER intended for purchase for FREE...

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Where's that hack that enables me to play all DLC characters? I want the hack!

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hey guess what i just bought Devil May Cry HD collection. Thanks Capcom.

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Capcom Y U No stop ripping us off with dlc that people paid for!?

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Everyone should already know never to buy a new Capcom fighter when it's first released. On disc DLC or not, they'd just release another version with the extra characters in a year anyway.

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Bull crap, there is too a difference! And it's not just the delivery method...On-disc dlc rips off the consumer because it makes them pay extra for content that for all intents and purposes should have been present as part of the game. This has been said many times over; however, the same could be said of dlc in general, not just the on-disc variety. If fans of the game in question ask/prod the producers to put out more content for the game they love, then I'm all for that. Some would still say that making the consumer pay for this content that they asked for is a rip-off. The difference between on-disc dlc and dlc is this, then: Normal dlc is created at the request of the gamers/consumers, so both parties get what they want: the developers get a few extra bucks per copy sold and the consumers get more content. On-disc dlc, however, clearly shows intent to rip-off/make a quick buck off the consumer by not giving them the full product.

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@steveguttenberg : I am frustrated, I'm frustrated that Capcom used this business tactic when I was a kid playing Street fighter 2 on SNES, and I'm even more frustrated that it's proved so lucrative they're still doing it today. Capcom is betting that our desire for their product will drive us to purchase it, regardless. The fact customers prove them right time and time again is my frustration. :\

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I've only bought a few Capcom titles in the past, mostly for my kids. If these publishers pull underhanded stunts like this, I won't be buying ANY of their games in the future. Enough is enough with these shameless consumer ripoffs. This is no longer about adding extra content - it's about locking existing content and getting people to pay extra for it. Pure greed.

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OMG.. Developers got so used to ugly business practices they don't understand the point of the discussion. Which is: SELL US COMPLETE PRODUCTS.

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"There is effectively no distinction between the DLC being 'locked' behind the disc and available for unlocking at a later date, or being available through a full download at a later date, other than delivery mechanism. We hope that this addresses [name withheld] concerns." Uh... Yeah, other than the fact that the content is already done and made and you're just pulling it out of the finished product to earn more money. With this kind of logic, I can pirate games, because there's effectively no difference in game play between a legit copy and a pirated copy, so it's all cool, right?

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That's them still sticking to that twisted logic DLC of theirs. Fine, promote your next game product with that same logic. Me seeing the capcom logo on it means stay away from now on.

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Just an example of where you could spend the money you would have spent on Street Fighter X Tekken: << LINK REMOVED >>

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So, let me see if I get this right. Capcom wants to sell us DOWNLOADABLE content that we already have, on our discs, and we don't DOWNLOAD it. So... it's not DOWNLOADABLE content, is it? Is that, you know, the very definition of false advertising? To sell people something with a provably false description?

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@steveguttenberg used games do actually hurt the company and the sales reports thus meaning less sequels. I personally only have a problem when you buy used from Gamestop because they make all the profit and don't give people fair money for their used games. I don't have any problem with Ebaying it or buying from your friend there is a huge difference which sould be noted. Samething with this DLC delivery if it is already on the disc then it should already be ours they are just ripping us off making us play twice then overcharging us its not $5 its $20 they did the same thing with UMvC3 thats why the value pack only takes 160 kb its just the missing piece to the data already on the disc to unlock it.

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On-disc or not, we're sick of day-one DLC. If these pricks want to take the high ground, they need to stop dropping the low blows. Premium Day-One add-ons are indefensible. Period. We know it was developed alongside the game and that you're trying to see what you can get away with. You've been called out. Stop stammering and waffling and JUST APOLOGISE.

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@Mawy_Golomb Despite what they say, used sales do indirectly benefit these companies. When you buy this game from your neighbor, the money she got from you will most likely be used to buy another new game, possibly another new Capcom game. They're using this used game argument not because they truly believe used sales harm them, but to guilt people into buying more new games out of moral duty.

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You keep defending it capcom. I will just continue not purchasing your products.

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@A_Belmont I might be mistaken, but from what you write, it seems like we're generally on the same side (against this business practice). But I think when you say things like "most people who complain will still buy it," it's self-defeating. Perhaps you mean to challenge everyone to prove you wrong. But I think those statements don't motivate people, they demoralize them and encourage them to give up. Let's stay positive is what I'm saying.

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This still doesn't justify it... the game I buy should be the full game and nothing less of that, and the only unlocking I should be doing in any game for more content is just to keep on playing the game by doing something you wouldn't normally do or some amazing stuff that you just normally do, but still have to put in work for it... its not DLC if its already on disc I don't care what anyone says, and if you ask me... it is just another way to be lazy and not make new actual DLC. That's all I got to say about that.

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@x_hunter00 LOL!!! Crapcom loves you guys!...loves taking your money that is!

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Capcom could have opted to pretend that the dlc content was created after the game shipped but nooooo....they are too cheap to even have to rent server space or maintain their own servers. This is just what it sounds like to me...shame on you CAPCOM!! You capitalistic communist pig!