Capcom creating Mega Man Universe

Publisher confirms downloadable PS3 and Xbox 360 game including crossovers with Street Fighter, Ghouls n' Ghosts, more.


In 2008, Capcom took its original action game mascot back to his roots with Mega Man 9 for downloadable services on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii. That game succeeded in part because of its slavishly faithful take on the original franchise formula, but today, Capcom announced a new retro revival for the Blue Bomber that will apparently push the envelope a bit further. The game in question is Mega Man Universe, the title for which the publisher trademarked in April.

Mega Man Universe will see some familiar faces.
Mega Man Universe will see some familiar faces.

A teaser trailer for Mega Man Universe (embedded below) shows the hero blasting the minions of Dr. Wily in multiple art styles (including a 2D pixel-art version and a stop-motion animated miniature wearing the blue-and-yellow getup from the original Mega Man NES box art). Naturally, the cannon-armed cyborg assimilates the abilities of others in order to get the job done. But in addition to swiping the boomerang blade-arm of the evil robot Cut Man, Mega Man turns completely into versions of other Capcom characters, like Street Fighter's Ryu and Ghosts 'n Goblins' Arthur.

The clip suggests Mega Man Universe will contain more Capcom crossovers, as it features a dream arcade of the publisher's efforts, including 1942, 1943, Final Fight, Magic Sword, Darkstalkers, and Bionic Commando, as well as cabinets for games starring Ryu and Arthur. The teaser ends with a logo for the game and the tagline, "Your world. Megafied."

"This is something that you have never seen before, and we have included some hints into this teaser trailer," Mega Man series producer Kenji Inafune told GameSpot. "If you take a look closely, you will be able to imagine a lot of different possibilities. So try and use your imagination, and you may figure out what makes this game special."

Beyond the cryptic promises, Capcom released few details. The game will launch on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Store, and the publisher has promised it will deliver "the core experience fans want," on top of its innovations. Despite the Mega-moniker in the title, the publisher also proclaimed that "imagination is the star of the game."

No release date or pricing has yet been announced for Mega Man Universe, but more details are expected at next week's San Diego Comic-Con. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's interview with Inafune.

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Avatar image for PatchMaster

That trailer is all kinds of awkward. So basically Capcom heard about Super Mario Bros. Crossover and thought they could cash in?

Avatar image for GodzillaX8

It's Little Big Planet but with Mega Man. Isn't it obvious?

Avatar image for armydominican69

Great.... more Megaman crap

Avatar image for Taegre

See the facial expression on that doll in the picture? I look like that a lot playing Megaman.

Avatar image for DrEvilKoala

Well, I have no clue what this will be honestly. I hope it doesn't use any PS Eye of Kinect stuff, what with all that "Your World, Megafied". The 8-Bit part from the trailer was awesome though.

Avatar image for Geetarman42

I like Megaman X a whole lot better he doesn't look like a wuss...

Avatar image for Geetarman42

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for VtamerDelta

It'll be launched on the PS store but come on guys ! Can you at least give us a PSP version of this ? I'm mean I had already been dissapointed for their not bringing megaman9 & megaman10 to the PSP. Anyway....hope we'll get an x9 soon ! (It'll be the most significant reason for me to get a PS3 !!)

Avatar image for griff23

Cheers "Super Mario Bros. Crossover" guy, Capcom's been playing your game!

Avatar image for mike468

The reason I would prefer a new game set in the X series because I personally like the 16 bit art style over the 8 bit mega-man series, plus the added upgrade capsules for the original armor. Personally I think Capcom should release a game set before the first X game. maybe Mega Man Beta X, or Proto X or something that bridges the series, plus has Bass

Avatar image for calebcop

That looks amazing, but there's no game play, either way it looks pretty awesome. It should be called Capcom universe.

Avatar image for Narutofan30

Its definatly a Little Big Planet Type Game. "Imagination" is a big part of the game. But the fact that5 that it on PSN XBL confuses me

Avatar image for frerich

Meh, it just looks like they're milking the franchise even further.

Avatar image for ne0man

20XX is the date in which the megaman saga exists, but the 1:31 might mean something

Avatar image for Ice_man_1985

i really hoped for mega man legend remake, but this looks great to.

Avatar image for WalterPeck

Awesome trailer, too bad I have no idea what the game is about from watching it.

Avatar image for TheTrueMagusX1

Interesting, but what is it exactly? I guess we will wait till Comic Con next week to find out!

Avatar image for Grieverr

Well, I agree that the clock means something. Hopefully, it is a release date.

Avatar image for Simulator_Shock

Whatever the hell this is, it looks awesome!

Avatar image for paulliddell

anyone notic the clock maybe slating a 2011 january 31 release date or am i just paranoid?

Avatar image for mrzero1982pt2

maybe it will take a cue from that funny game, super mario brothers crossover. i wouldnt mind seeing mega man go through a street fighter stage, or ryu in a mega man stage, or 1942 or whatever. it just seems like it is going to be something fun!

Avatar image for bolton23

So confused, if it focuses on crossovers, why is it solely called "Megaman" Universe?

Avatar image for ANTHONYMVP2U

yes' yes' yes'

Avatar image for fox_fury

Give us Megaman X 9 with X4 art style and then Megaman Universe!

Avatar image for mike468

Vadicta, Castlevania is a Konami game not Capcom's. As far as these retro Mega man games go I'm not too interested in them. What Capcom needs to do is give us a new Mega Man X game.

Avatar image for BigBoss2014

i want that guys bedroom

Avatar image for lazycomplife

Capcom needs more Mega Man: Ace Attorney

Avatar image for bowlingotter

Wow I'm extremely confused. But I'm intrigued. I wonder if the music was done by Minibosses?

Avatar image for xXFr34k_0uTXx

What in the world?

Avatar image for bongsyas_23


Avatar image for Binarynova

I just love trailers that don't actually show you anything meaningful. *shrug*

Avatar image for SLjimbolian

I'm guessing some of you out there never knew about Capcom's notoriety in making cheesy marketing/promotional materials back in the late 80s/early 90s. (See: that image of the kid sporting a mullet and pink shirt in his "bedroom" decked out with Nintendo/Capcom products)

Avatar image for otanikun

I stopped caring about anything Mega Man after Legends and the Zero series.

Avatar image for fetusfart18

@The-Techspert, I'm a HUGE MM fan, but I still think this sounds ******* awesome!

Avatar image for salvucci91


Avatar image for vadicta

Looks pretty neat, Megaman's the only franchise that Capcom really hasn't done well with in time, but if they could bring Devil May Cry back from the horrors of the second game, and maybe even bring Castlevania back into a prime state, then I suppose it's more than possible that this could breathe all kinds of new life into that little blue robo-killer of theirs. I hope Zero is in it, though.

Avatar image for BigBacon87

I have no idea what to make of that. I picked up Mega Man 10 for nostalgiac purposes but to be honest I prefer playing the Mega Man X titles(the collection is the only reason I ever plug in my PS2 anymore). Moving forward is definately a good thing but that trailer didn't give me much info. From what I gathered it will allow you to select characters from different classic Capcom titles and beyond that I'm guessing it will have a level creator. I know I'm good on 8bit. Seeing 8bit mixed with current graphics is always fun but all 8bit games don't do it for me anymore.

Avatar image for SearchBomber

@The-Techspert MegaMan Battle Network. ...yeah, most MM fans don't give a rat's ass about "progress."

Avatar image for Jag-T1000

What the hell is this?

Avatar image for The-Techspert

Have they made any Mega Man game that wasnt retro/just a repeat of an older game? I cant speak for Mega Man fans, but if I was one then I would be pissed off at the lack of forward progress.

Avatar image for mrzero1982pt2

geez, i was thumbed down because i said its going to be "Stupid Funny?" come on, stupid funny means very very funny. i swear, folks you need a sense of humor. i am really looking forward to a game like this. seems like they are going to take tons of potshots at themselves and have some fun with it

Avatar image for Lisandro_v22

By the time I opened the article I was already sure it would be a battle network MMORPG for DS, hah I suppose I let my imagination fly too much

Avatar image for Shopojuta

This looks very promising, can't wait for more information about this game!

Avatar image for amg231

its like Konami World!

Avatar image for PenguinIzzy

Regarding the embedded video.. did I just see what I thought I saw.. or did I just have a brain aneurysm?

Avatar image for StJimmy15

@Vin_LAURIA Well, I meant good games.. Those were kinda iffy.

Avatar image for travisstaggs

Awesome! Trailers was neat :P. Now if Capcom would finally make Mega Man Legends 3....

Avatar image for Dualmask

What they ought to create is a Mega Man game featuring each and every Robot Master ever created from Mega Mans 1-10, Mega Man X 1-8, Zeros 1-4, ZX and Advent and whatever I might have missed and put them all in some huge multiplayer side-scrolling online (or offline) deathmatch game with graphics on par with 2d games on the DS like Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow. Or they could stick with what they're doing. After all, they're the legendary game designers, not me. :lol:

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