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Capcom Celebrates 25 Years Of Resident Evil With Pricy Collection Of Drinks



For the Resident Evil fan who has ever pondered the taste of the game franchise's unique herbs, prepare for some good and possibly tasty news. Capcom has teamed up with GameFlavor to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Resident Evil franchise (which was in 2021 but better late than never) by launching a box filled with collectible drink cans. There'll be 10 of these drinks available in the collector's box, as well as a few other extras.

GameFlavor says that the cans are inspired by the first-aid sprays and herbs of Resident Evil, and each can contains 330ml of cucumber and lime-mint flavored liquid. Tastes may definitely vary here. You can also find one spray cap inspired by the first Resident Evil game, four ink ribbons containing different Resident Evil-inspired herbs, four recipe cards for non-alcoholic Resident Evil-based cocktails, a certificate of authenticity, and an artbook.

Not to be applied to fresh zombie bite wounds.
Not to be applied to fresh zombie bite wounds.

This boxset will be limited to just 4,750 pieces and is available for the preorder price of $214 ahead of its scheduled launch in Q3 2023. It's also a non-alcoholic drink, so it's safe to share the questionable Resident Evil flavor in this box with younger members of the family.

Resident Evil has experienced a major resurrection in the last couple of years, as Resident Evil 7 paved the way for two critically acclaimed remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, a sequel in the form of Resident Evil Village, and a Netflix series. If you're planning on picking up the $550 PSVR 2 next month, you'll be able to enjoy the terror of Resident Evil Village with a free VR mode, and a remake of Resident Evil 4 is scheduled to launch on March 23 for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

"Resident Evil 4 Remake doesn't feel like it's aiming to revolutionize games the way the original did 17 years ago," Kurt Indovina wrote in GameSpot's Resident Evil 4 preview. "Instead, Capcom is doubling down on what has made Resident Evil 4 timeless all these years later: its design, its tension, and, of course, Leon S. Kennedy. In doing so, its goal is to emphasize what remains great, while fine-tuning it with everything the franchise has learned in its 26 years of existence."

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