Capcom announces War of the Grail

New arcade action game will feature networked play and epic battles with fantasy-themed warriors.


TOKYO--At the 43rd Amusement Machine Show taking place in Japan today, Capcom showed off a brief 30-second trailer for its new action game, War of the Grail. The arcade game will be a 3D action game with a similar hack-and-slash style to Koei's Dynasty Warriors, except it features fantasy-styled characters, such as skeleton warriors, rather than Asian warlords.

Capcom's trailer shows War of the Grail players in different arcades enjoying gaming together via a network connection, and like most recent arcade games, it allows an IC card to be used for recording player data.

The trailer also reveals that the creators of the "VS. series" have once again assembled for the development of the title, although it's unclear if Capcom is referring to the staff that worked on the recent 3D "VS. series" based on Gundam or the staff that worked on the classic 2D fighting games. The game's character designs will be done by Kinu Nishimura, one of Capcom's head illustrators, who has also worked on the Street Fighter series. War of the Grail is still early in development, and its release date is a very vague "200X."

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