Capcom announces Viewtiful Joe

A side-scrolling superhero action game is coming to the Nintendo GameCube.


Viewtiful Joe

As part of Capcom's recent flurry of Japanese announcements, the company has revealed plans to produce a new GameCube game called Viewtiful Joe. The game is said to be a side-scrolling action game that stars a superhero. The game appears to be going for a very stylish presentation, with emphasis being put on the lead character's ability to "fight beautifully."

The control will feature at least two modes that sound like they serve as special attacks of sorts. A "slow" feature will allow you to lay waste to foes and cause them to fly across the screen. Additionally, a "zoom in" feature has the ability to, as the game's director puts it, turn "a simple jab into a ravaging lethal blow."

Viewtiful Joe is scheduled to hit Japanese shelves in the spring of 2003. No US release plans have been announced at this time.

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