Capcom announces Viewtiful Joe 2 for GC, PS2

Both the Sony and Nintendo crows can partake in the caped hero's second adventure. First screens inside.


Last year, one of the most acclaimed GameCube exclusives was Capcom's cartoon-style beat-'em-up, Viewtiful Joe. Today, the publisher announced the game's sequel, Viewtiful Joe 2, will also be available for the PlayStation 2 when it is released this coming winter. Capcom also released the first images from the cel-shaded title.

Like the original, Viewtiful Joe 2 will feature a mix of 2D and 3D action. Returning are Joe, the film-geek-turned-superhero, and his girlfriend Silvia, who is now a superheroine herself. Both characters will be playable from the beginning of the game.

Besides having 40 new types of enemies, the sequel will also span several new environments, including a jungle, underground ruins, ancient Japan, snowy mountains and outer space. Joe's Six Machine will get new transformational powers that will let it turn into a racer, cannon, drill or submarine during different stages of the game. The caped hero will also receive a new VFX power, "Replay," which will let him triple the effect of attacks or power-ups.

"With new visual effects, enemies and challenges, Joe and Silvia are ready to take on an all new Viewtiful adventure," said Capcom's director of marketing, Todd Thorson. Viewtiful Joe creator Atsushi Inaba had even more to say about the game in his exclusive Q&A with GameSpot.

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