Capcom announces Okami for the PS2

Capcom's Clover Studio, best known for Viewtiful Joe, is working on an all-new nature adventure game for the PS2. First screens inside.


Capcom's Clover Studio, which is best known as the developer of Viewtiful Joe, has today announced that it's working on an all-new "nature adventure" game entitled Okami. Exclusive to the PlayStation 2, Okami is set in a fantasyland that--thanks to some of the supernatural monsters that inhabit it--is almost completely devoid of color. Players, assuming the earthly wolf-form of Amaterasu (a mythical sun goddess), must return color to the land by defeating the monsters.

Since Amaterasu is a deity, her power is, in part, derived from humans who believe in her. A respectable level of belief can be achieved either by listening to and then acting upon the wishes of the people or by restoring color and life to the land. The more faith people have in Amaterasu, the more powerful she becomes.

Further information on Okami is scarce at present, but Capcom was eager to point out that the game's Japanese art style is not just a gimmick. The distinct graphical style is, apparently, designed to help set the pace of the game--encouraging players to relax to enjoy the beautiful scenery rather than just rushing through the game's missions.

No release date for Okami has been announced at this time. We'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

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