Capcom announces Mega Man Battle Network 6

Company doesn't let up on its annual action RPG series; two versions set for winter release in Japan.


It's been a tradition for Capcom to release a Mega Man Battle Network game on the Game Boy Advance every year, and 2005 will be no exception. The company officially announced today that it is currently developing Mega Man Battle Network 6, which is slated for release in Japan at the end of the year.

In Mega Man Battle Network 6, the player will once again take the role of the series' main character, Lan. Lan's father is transferred at work, forcing the family to move to a town called Cyber City. Lan will have to say farewell to his old neighborhood and explore his new digs, all while finding places to jack in to the Net to battle as his cyber alter ego, Mega Man.

Like the last three editions of the series, Capcom will be releasing two versions of Mega Man Battle Network 6 that follow the same storyline but have slightly different features, such as enemies or powers available to Mega Man. Images on the Japanese promotional Web site show two altered Mega Mans, which most likely reflect the two versions.

Capcom is labeling Mega Man Battle Network 6 as the "Series' Climax," suggesting that, in some capacity, it will be the last Battle Network for the time being.

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