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Capcom announces Capcom Classics, Mega Man X Collection

New compilation of the blue bomber's adventures and 20 classic games is on its way to consoles.


At its recent press event in Las Vegas, Capcom revealed that it was currently working on a new compilation of classic games starring the mighty Mega Man. Dubbed the Mega Man X Collection, the compilation appears to be following in the footsteps of last year's Mega Man Anniversary Collection for the GameCube and PlayStation 2.

While the details about which games from the Mega Man X series will be included haven't been revealed, the footage shown at the event contained clips from several games in the series. More importantly, the trailer for the game showed off what we assume will be one of the unlockables in the game, Mega Man Battle and Chase. The PlayStation game that took assorted characters from the Mega Man universe and dropped them in a kart game was never released in the US.

While no platforms were specified, aside from a vague mention of a multiplatform release, it's probably safe to assume the compilation will at least hit the PlayStation 2.

At the same press event, Capcom announced Capcom Classics Collection, a compendium of classic games from the veteran Japanese developer that will draw on its sizable portfolio of games. Specifics on which games will be included weren't given, but Capcom reps on hand stated that the games in the compilation will include old-school favorites, such as some of those seen in the Capcom Generations compilations released in Japan for the Saturn and PlayStation, as well as some games that have never been playable on a home console before.

While Capcom reps remained tight-lipped on the specifics of the games in the compilation, it's a safe assumption that old-school classics such as Bionic Commando and Final Fight are candidates. As with the Mega Man X Collection, Capcom didn't specify which platform the game would be coming out for, but a PlayStation 2 version is almost guaranteed.

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