Capcom addressing Lost Planet text issue

Publisher responds to complaints about font size in sci-fi shooter's multiplayer demo, promises final version will make adjustments for standard-definition TVs.


When Capcom released its multiplayer demo for the sci-fi shooter Lost Planet over the Xbox Live Marketplace on Thanksgiving, some gamers were left less than thankful for the publisher's decision to tailor in-game text for viewers with high-definition TVs. A common complaint from those with standard-definition sets was that the font size Capcom used for information like the onscreen rankings was too small to make out clearly in standard resolutions.

Side-by-side comparison of old and new Lost Planet text.
Side-by-side comparison of old and new Lost Planet text.

Today the publisher announced that it will address the issue before the final game ships in January.

"Capcom is listening and taking our community to heart," a Capcom representative said, adding, "We have noticed the recent concern about the text size in Lost Planet for SDTV users, in particular the 'Elimination' mode of the multiplayer game where players' scores are displayed on the top left of the screen. We want to assure gamers that we have already implemented a solution for text display in Elimination, which will be reflected in the final game (although it's unfortunately not in the demo)."

According to the representative, the final version of the game will automatically detect if the user is playing on a standard-definition set, and will adjust the font size on the Elimination mode's score display accordingly.

Capcom is also tweaking the way players are given their next objectives in the single-player game. The game will issue orders to players vocally as well as in text, and players can use the in-game PDA to refresh their memories on current objectives should they forget.

Lost Planet is rated T for Teen and is scheduled for release on January 12, 2007. For more information, check out GameSpot's latest hands-on impressions.

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