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Capcom Acknowledges Mixed Reaction To Dead Rising 4

The game's "more approachable" nature did not resonate with everyone, it seems.


Capcom has responded to the Dead Rising 4's reviews. In a recent investor Q&A, the English translation of which was published today, Capcom was asked why the zombie game did not receive "more distinguished reviews." Capcom management responded by saying the game's "more approachable" nature did not resonate with everyone.

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"Compared to the series up to now, this game was made more approachable in order to allow a wider audience to enjoy it," the company said. "However, there was a wider range of opinions for the new game. Moving forward, we intend to grow unit sales on a continuous basis by releasing additional digital download content while implementing updates for improvements."

GameSpot's Dead Rising 4 review scored the game a 7/10.

"Dead Rising's zombie-slaughtering formula has started to wear a bit thin after all these years, especially since its combat remains largely routine," reviewer Scott Butterworth said. "The surprisingly well-crafted story, wild new combo weapons, and expansive open world elements, however, turn Dead Rising 4 into an over-the-top piece of popcorn entertainment that captures the series' best elements."

Dead Rising 4 came out in December for Xbox One and PC. Capcom is expecting the game to ship 2 million units by the end of March, though it's unclear if that figure has been met.

The newest DLC for Dead Rising 4 came out at the end of January in the form of Street Fighter-inspired outfits. Christmas-themed DLC for the game came out in December, while expansions headed to the game this year include Super Ultra Dead Rising 4 Mini Golf and Frank Rising.

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