Capcom: 15 projects in pipe, Final Fight 'in hibernation'

In the midst of a hiring frenzy, publisher says more than a dozen old and new IPs are in development; arcade beat-'em-up and action platformer Maximo not included.


Of Capcom's upcoming lineup, most eyes remain tunneled on the first proper sequel to the acclaimed arcade brawler Street Fighter in a decade. Despite Street Fighter IV's domination of the limelight, the Japanese publishing house noted this week that it is, in fact, more than just a one-trick pony. It said in a recent recruitment post to its official US blog that 15 projects are currently in the works.

"We've got 15 different projects cooking right now (and more to come)--many that have been announced like Dark Void, Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, Commando 3, Rocketmen, Talisman, MotoGP, Okami Wii, and many more titles that haven't even been announced. Yet."

Although the publisher has shown its willingness to revive properties from its extensive back catalog--Street Fighter and Bionic Commando being the two most recent examples--not all legacy franchises are in store for a reimagining. "Now it's our turn to add to the slate by invigorating old IPs and creating wholly new ones," the publisher noted, continuing, "Don't worry, we're leaving Final Fight and Maximo in hibernation... Those were the olden days..."

"Olden days" being a subjective term, Capcom's last installment in the Final Fight franchise was Streetwise, which was met by a less-than-tepid reception in 2006. Conversely, action platformer Maximo vs. Army of Zin was received quite warmly when it debuted in 2004.

Capcom's call for new recruits apparently stems from a significant expansion in the publisher's North American presence. "We're in the midst of growing our product-development team dramatically over the coming few years, and we are looking for the best of the best to join our team," reads the post.

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