Capcom: 15 projects in pipe, Final Fight 'in hibernation'

In the midst of a hiring frenzy, publisher says more than a dozen old and new IPs are in development; arcade beat-'em-up and action platformer Maximo not included.


Of Capcom's upcoming lineup, most eyes remain tunneled on the first proper sequel to the acclaimed arcade brawler Street Fighter in a decade. Despite Street Fighter IV's domination of the limelight, the Japanese publishing house noted this week that it is, in fact, more than just a one-trick pony. It said in a recent recruitment post to its official US blog that 15 projects are currently in the works.

"We've got 15 different projects cooking right now (and more to come)--many that have been announced like Dark Void, Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, Commando 3, Rocketmen, Talisman, MotoGP, Okami Wii, and many more titles that haven't even been announced. Yet."

Although the publisher has shown its willingness to revive properties from its extensive back catalog--Street Fighter and Bionic Commando being the two most recent examples--not all legacy franchises are in store for a reimagining. "Now it's our turn to add to the slate by invigorating old IPs and creating wholly new ones," the publisher noted, continuing, "Don't worry, we're leaving Final Fight and Maximo in hibernation... Those were the olden days..."

"Olden days" being a subjective term, Capcom's last installment in the Final Fight franchise was Streetwise, which was met by a less-than-tepid reception in 2006. Conversely, action platformer Maximo vs. Army of Zin was received quite warmly when it debuted in 2004.

Capcom's call for new recruits apparently stems from a significant expansion in the publisher's North American presence. "We're in the midst of growing our product-development team dramatically over the coming few years, and we are looking for the best of the best to join our team," reads the post.

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Make a Final Fight HD remix

Avatar image for Shivercraft

I would love to see Rival Schools 2 or Okami 2, but then again I would love to see definite proof of God's existence.....the latter seems more likely to occur than the former.

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I would like to see a Marvel vs Capcom with Dante.

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dude what mega man! i say enough with 143rd sequel in games. this is not a Wii and we need more original games. as for sequels i really wanna see some more MAximo. that was an amazing platformer and it could be done even better now!

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the next marvel vs capcom will be within those 15

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Yeah bring back Mega Man X one more time Capcom...Finish it off. X7 and X8 didn't get the best reviews in the world but what does Gamespot and IGN know? They give almost perfect scores to games like Halo and trash everything else. Dont worry fans there WILL be a Devil May Cry 5. In my opinion you don't finish a story till all the major characters die. Last I checked X, Zero, and Axl are still finish it Capcom!

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Breath of Fire, Mega Man X... Bring... Them... Back... And if Konami's listening its about time for a good Console Castlevania...

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actually i,m kinda hoping on a new episode of dino crisis, i know dino crisis 3 kinda sucked but it still deserves a proper sequel i mean altough i don,t agree but din,t devil may cry 2 got bad reviews everywhere?

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They tease us with Resident Evil 5 trailer and then the entire game disappears completely off the face of the earth. What gives Capcom? Tell us when can we expect that.

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yeah, no RE5 news???

Avatar image for AtlanticRock

Resident Evil 5. Capcom, what's the hold up?

Avatar image for AngelnX

Bring back Power Stone!!!

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eventhough capcom doesn't have the marvel liscense why not make up a mash up fighting game similar to mvc. the roster is perfect for it who wouldn't want to see daunte and vergil in a fighting game, or anyone from the onimusha series, this would be a game to show off their entire body of work in one game, just because marvel isn't it doesn't mean the same fans would't flock to it. i'm just saying, great idea for 09 hint hint

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Just waiting for Devil May Cry 5, and maybe Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 now that EA no longer has the Marvel license.

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I agree with RockmanSRD they need to bring back MegaMan X and atleast bring X9 to finish off the series.

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I hope Mega Man X returns. Either in Mega Man X 9 or a second Command Mission game. I'd love to see Capcom reawaken some of their SNES gems, like Magic Sword, Demon's Crest, or King of Dragons. Even if they aren't new games, I would take an XBLA port anyday. Original MM should "remain in hibernation" in my opinion. It just wouldn't be right trying to do those games again. That's where MMX comes in.

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I'm hoping Mega Man 9 is in their list...

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um what about Resident Evil 5 i hope that comes out this year i am antious to play it

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Where is Megaman franchise? Where is RE5? Capcom answer me!!!

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no, there isn't enough fighting games out there. . . . If you think fighting is fun, go start one with someone a foot or so taller than yourself.

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"Don't worry Final Fight left in hibernation"?! Are you kidding me? Final Fight is the IP I'm most interested in seeing from Capcom.

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Dead Rising 2 'nuff said

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Capcom vs. SNK 3, Resident Evil 5 and hopefully a new Devil May Cry game is being conspired. Gimme these games Capcom, and I will remain a fan! :)

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As stated earlier by others, a new Strider is long overdue.

Avatar image for Maersyndel

Please Capcom, for all that is good in this world, please be making a new Breath of Fire. And also keep in mind I loved Dragon Quarter :) Thanks in advance.

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I hope they make a HD remake of Final Fight one day or even a new one in 2D! Streetwise was a load of dogsh*t!

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I wish to see alot of these Capcom franchises come back for the future, that'd be awesome :D

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the best company after GREAT MS;we can play RE5 soon; i am daying for it;

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Avatar image for Senor_Kami

A good megaman game would be cool. I'd like to play a strider game. I play with him in MvC2 but I never knew what he was from. And dammit, why won't they put the MvC2 team on a new game? Capcom has a big enough catalog to just feature their own characters. Throw in integrated clans, tournaments and fight saves and you've got a winner in my book.

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Final Fight and Strider please!

Avatar image for Azeren

First thing I think of whenever Capcom is mentioned is Megaman, and yet they spend so little time on a series that gave them solid ground.

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But... I WANT A GOOD NEW FINAL FIGHT game! Come on, Capcom!

Avatar image for V-Nine

...WHERE THE *beep* IS STRIDER!!!.....

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I agree. Dead Rising, Resident Evil, and Street Fighter. Thats all they need to work on.

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Dead Rising 2!!! C'mon!!! lol.

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Marvel vs. Capcom 3 hopefully...

Avatar image for dj_b02us

holy mother of crud! I gotta update my resume! XD

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ryoga1124 "OH PLEASE Mega Man Legends 3...!" I was thinking the same thing!

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i always wanted to see a new Project Justice but have it cell shaded to give it that anime feel

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I wish they made the portable Megaman Legend titles available for NA as well..

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ehh where is resident evil 5??

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Please CAPCOM give us a high quality Ghost & Goblin game. How about reviving another old timer like Black Tiger. It will be a blast to have those games to be redone for today's gamers.

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I just want another Breath of Fire. Granted I'd prefer something more along the lines of BoF III or IV, but I would take anything right now, as long as it has fishing. Hehe

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I don't post here as often as I should; I'm more of a long time "lurker"... I don't know about anyone else, but I'm still waiting for the NA announcement of Mega Man Star Force 2. After all, that could be one of the projects the article mentions. Now, I know some of you don't like the Battle Network or Star Force versions of Mega Man, but I think they're solid; the only real problem is the translation inconsistency between the games and anime. In any case, I hope they announce MMSF 2 soon.

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As long as the projects aren't mostly damn FPSs then I'm all for this. The market is oversaturated with that genre.

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Looks like they got quite the list. Hopefully SFIV will continue the legacy of the series, among other old classics. They should totally release some old games for XBLA. Final Fight please.

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I'm sure we'll see a Dead Rising 2 eventually, but they're probably keeping mum about that franchise for the moment due to the George A. Romero lawsuit, stupid as it is. Hopefully some of those unannounced titles include new installments of classic Capcom franchises, like Rival Schools, Onimusha and Dino Crisis (done Lost Planet or RE4 style). Sure as hell hope that those remaining titles don't turn out to be ports or online downloads. That would be boring.

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I never got to play Final Fight, I hope it comes to XBLA some day!

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OH PLEASE Mega Man Legends 3...!