Capcom: 15 projects in pipe, Final Fight 'in hibernation'

In the midst of a hiring frenzy, publisher says more than a dozen old and new IPs are in development; arcade beat-'em-up and action platformer Maximo not included.


Of Capcom's upcoming lineup, most eyes remain tunneled on the first proper sequel to the acclaimed arcade brawler Street Fighter in a decade. Despite Street Fighter IV's domination of the limelight, the Japanese publishing house noted this week that it is, in fact, more than just a one-trick pony. It said in a recent recruitment post to its official US blog that 15 projects are currently in the works.

"We've got 15 different projects cooking right now (and more to come)--many that have been announced like Dark Void, Street Fighter 2 HD Remix, Commando 3, Rocketmen, Talisman, MotoGP, Okami Wii, and many more titles that haven't even been announced. Yet."

Although the publisher has shown its willingness to revive properties from its extensive back catalog--Street Fighter and Bionic Commando being the two most recent examples--not all legacy franchises are in store for a reimagining. "Now it's our turn to add to the slate by invigorating old IPs and creating wholly new ones," the publisher noted, continuing, "Don't worry, we're leaving Final Fight and Maximo in hibernation... Those were the olden days..."

"Olden days" being a subjective term, Capcom's last installment in the Final Fight franchise was Streetwise, which was met by a less-than-tepid reception in 2006. Conversely, action platformer Maximo vs. Army of Zin was received quite warmly when it debuted in 2004.

Capcom's call for new recruits apparently stems from a significant expansion in the publisher's North American presence. "We're in the midst of growing our product-development team dramatically over the coming few years, and we are looking for the best of the best to join our team," reads the post.

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Please GOD give us Dead Rising 2!!! And a flamethrower.... and grenades.

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They could have made Streetwise worthy of the Final Fight name, but sadly, it was horrid. Companies these days just dont have the vision to be able to bring old IPs back from the golden ages. Which is really, really sad. Sonic is a prime example of this - Sega should be shot for what they are doing with him. Sega aside, at least Capcom's new games have been pretty damn good, I really enjoyed Lost Planet, I thought it would be good, and was surprised to find it was far, far better than I expected. Excellent arcade action. Capcom has at least proven it has the skills in some of their new games, how come this skill can't translate to renew their old frachises?!? It is really puzzling.

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Dead Rising 2 please.

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Other than Dark Void and Bionic Commando, they all sound like cheap hacks to make a buck.

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I thought Dead Rising 2 was already in the works. That should be a given. I might not make it out in time for the holidays though. All I want is Street Fighter IV and Bionic Commando. I'll be happy with those 2 games.

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yeah, strider and an american release of warzard!!!!

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how bout an american release of warzard!?!?

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What they should do is make a final fight with the same 3d graphics as SF4 but with 2d game-play. Haggar's too good a character for Capcom to just leave behind in the dust like that... He's too good!

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I wonder how many of those projects are remakes for the Wii?

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Final Fight was so cool. I used to play it on arcades, and it was my first Super NES game (i still own it). After the huge disappointment of Streetwise Capcom should do it right this gen.

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A hope for dead rising 2?

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Maybe a Dead Rising 2....

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I hope Capcom also working on Dino Crisis 4, new Onimusha, new Strider game & Devil May Cry for PSP. I also heard from rumors on the internet that Capcom working together with Ready at Dawn Studios to make DMC for PSP I don't know its true or not.

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I'd like to see Mega Man Powered Up brought to the consoles. Like the entire, what, 6 NES games done in that same style on one disc.

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Are we going to see a new and improved Zack & Wiki with a less-stupid name? And could we PLEASE put Mega Man in hibernation for a couple of years?

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Devil May Cry 5 I hope

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new breath of long as it's NOTHING like dragon quarter I also agree with the date for RE5 and everything else everybody has requested so far as well!

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Dear Capcom, Here is a list of my demands. 1) New Maximo game 2) Finish the Megaman series with Mega Man 9 so it ties with Mega Man X Also, tell Namco to get off their asses and make a new Splatterhouse as well.

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MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3!!! Megaman Legends 3, and a new Breath of Fire. If they make MVC3, I can finally stop dreaming...and so can millions of other fan boys....

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Maximo is essentially Ghouls N Ghosts/Ghosts N Goblins, and so long as they're working on a GnG we're straight. (Theyd better be /shake fist) Also, new Breath of Fire and Mega Man Powered up 2 plz

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As long as they don't make another "Without Warning."

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Breath of Fire VI please :(

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All the games mentioned except Talisman sound like crap.

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15 is not a lot, if it includes the already revealed ones.

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How about a date for Resident Evil 5?

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The only game I want to see from Capcom that hasn't been announced so far is Megaman X9.

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I'll kinda miss Maximo... and Final Fight could be good if done right. Give it a combat system that's as much fun as DMC, PoP, and AC and updated graphics. I also agree that Mega Man could be great. Ah well, can't wait to see what Capcom comes up with next. They've always been a favorite.

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Roger_Smith Of those 15 games, Mega Man Legends 2 better be amongst them. i own mega man legends 2 it came out on the ps1.... anyways what happened to re5!!!? I wonder if its because of those racial accusations a couple months ago that we havent heard anything new about it?

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@Generic_Dude How about a Powered Up version of Mega Mans 2-6? ..-.-.-.-.-.-..-..-.-..-..-..-..-.- Man... Megaman 3 PoweredUp could be AWESOME... just tink about it: Snakeman and shadownman, both the most cool characters in megaman classics series (and gutsman... meh) renoved and overpowered... That could be sick. megaman poweredup is awesome.

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First: Capcom PS3 Action Project and Capcom N.A. Team Project are both done by the American team. Second: Where does it say that it is only the American division? The only place I see that it even mentions the NA division is in the last paragraph, and that doesn't say anything about this only being their projects... Third: If it is NA Capcom, who cares? The only series Capcom has yet to make a game of this gen is Megaman X, which is by the Japanese division, so NA Capcom is worthless now (to me anyway).

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What is it going to take to see Maximo 3. I want my Maximo fix! Are you listening Mr. Capcom? Okay, I'll be nice......Can I please have my Maximo? Thank you Mr. Capcom, hope to hear from you soon....when you've finished the Maximo series!!!!!

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Maximo is terribly underrated. I would love to see an update coming soon.

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No new Final Fight game, that sucks, lets pretend Final Fight: Streetwise even exist and make a good Final Fight game, I'm a fan of beat em ups, how about some real Mega Man games like Mega Man Legends 3 or Mega Man X9? Marvel v.s. Capcom 3?

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Scynt: Monster Hunter 3 (wii) Bionic Commando Bionic Commando Rearmed Resident Evil 5 Devil Kings X (Arc) Capcom Inafune Project (Wii) Capcom PS3 Action Project Capcom N.A. Team Project Lost Planet Colonies those are all being done by Capcom Japan.. the 15 games being mentioned in the blog are specific to Capcom USA, so those don't count against the total...

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dear Capcom, you shouldn't have let Clover Studios slip through your fingeres, 'cause you haven't made a good decision since they left you

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To heck with all the games mentioned so far, BRING BACK STEEL BATTALION: LOC!! Even just a port, oh PLEEEAAASSSEEE!! *drool* Best. Game. Ever. PS: INABAAAAAAAAA!!

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What do they mean many more unannounced... Monster Hunter 3 (Wii) Dark Void Street Fighter 4 Street Fighter 2 HD Remix Bionic Commando Bionic Commando Rearmed Resident Evil 5 Devil Kings X (Arc) Capcom Inafune Project (Wii) Capcom PS3 Action Project Capcom N.A. Team Project Commando 3 Rocketman: Axis of Evil Talisman That is 14 right there. And Lost Planet Colonies, if actually being made, is the 15th game. There you go.

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How about a Powered Up version of Mega Mans 2-6? Or bring Ghosts N Goblins into the next generation? Or -- get this -- GunSmoke!? Remember that one? One of the few games that got the Western genre right?

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What the hell, tom? Capcom a "one trick pony?" gawd. Streetfighter may have been their first big hit but they have been one of the mainstays of the console market since, well ever.... Resident evil Devil may cry Mega Man Powerstone Final Fight. The list goes, on and on.... Marvel vs Capcom 2 on arcade probably isnt feasible due to copyright issues with marvel. Though I would love to see it. Come on capcom get that license back and bless us with Marvel vs capcom 3! next gen Powerstone and Monster Hunter would be great also.

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Dear Capcom. Please make Strider 3. Love, Spektre.

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powerstone 3!!! come on!!!!!! marvel v capcom 2 on xbox arcade!!

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When I think Capcom my mind doesn't jump straight to street fighter. Capcom has so many great IPs it is hard to pin them just to one. Resident Evil, Mega Man, and Lost Planet all come to mind. Anyone who accuses Capcom of being a one trick pony has no idea what they're talking about.

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Keep it up Capcom.

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No news on Monster Hunter 3? Capcom seems to be on top of thier doings pretty well this generation (Dead Rising, Lost Planet, new Street Fighter, etc.), however, they might be able to do a lot more with Monster Hunter. Especially seeing how successful it is in Japan. Of course, they might be persuing that w/ Monster Hunter 3 being on the Wii, i supose trying to get more people into it worldwide... but is it even coming to the US?

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They seem to be forgetting Lost Planet Colonies, but oh well. Cant wait for dark void and though. Go Capcom!

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Of those 15 games, Mega Man Legends 2 better be amongst them.

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capcom moving onto a new ips!!! that is actually big news. i never thought they would start making new ips for a long time. so much megaman and street fighter crowds my head. its probably all their collections that burst my head

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I loves me some Capcom. I hope they'll bring some of the 'Dreamcast' games to the Wii. They had some crazy fun games on that console that deserve a second shot. SF3:3rd Strike, Power Stone, Cannon Spike, Marvel Vs Capcom...all rocked. It wouldn't cost much, if anything, to do. Just make the GC controller optional, add some 'online-multiplayer' and keep the graphics the same. They rock just the way they are/were.

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Please say they are porting dead rising to the ps3.