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Cannon Fodder

A port of a 1990's PC title hits the Game Boy Colour


There's not much to say about this title, other than it's an old PC title ported to the Game Boy Colour. Players view a huge playing area (up to 40 times the size of a Game Boy screen) and move a targeting reticule around it to steer their tiny soldier through grasslands, jungles, deserts, and even the arctic. Pressing one button will cause the player's tiny soldier to run in that direction, pressing the other one will cause him to shoot at it. Pressing both will make him throw a grenade. The gameplay is rather bland: players run around picking up weapons and shooting down relentless waves of soldiers, tanks, choppers and guerillas. Getting hit once by enemy fire results in death, and the return to the starting point of the large levels. Because the enemy projectiles are so small it's often difficult to see them until it's too late, and players will die now and again when they simply didn't know they were under fire. With 72 huge levels to cross, gamers will find that beating this game will more than eat up the time they're trying to kill, if even it's mainly due to having to recross the same large areas again and again. Cannon Fodder features all 72 levels from the original game, but with such a small screen to work with and limited interaction with the environment, only fans of the PC version will probably find this game entertaining.

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