Candy Crush dev abandons "Candy" trademark in US after controversy

Representative for King confirms company has withdrawn trademark application in the United States, but not in Europe.

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Following outcry over its decision to trademark the popular word "Candy" and cloning and theft accusations, Candy Crush developer King has withdrawn its trademark for the word. At least in the United States, that is. In Europe, King continues to hold a trademark for the word "Candy" as a means to protect its intellectual property, the company said today in a statement.

"King has withdrawn its trademark application for Candy in the U.S., which we applied for in February 2013 before we acquired the early rights to Candy Crusher," a King representative said in a statement to GameSpot. "Each market that King operates in is different with regard to IP. We feel that having the rights to Candy Crusher is the best option for protecting Candy Crush in the U.S. market. This does not affect our E.U. trademark for Candy and we continue to take all appropriate steps to protect our IP."

Candy Crusher is the name of a game at the crux of one independent developer's angry open letter to King earlier this month. Albert Ransom, president of Candy Swipe developer Runsome Apps, said that King's acquisition of the rights to Candy Crusher in 2009 allowed the company to challenge Ransom's own trademark for Candy Swipe. Ransom maintains that King bought the Candy Crusher rights only as a means to thwart Ransom's own trademark for Candy Swipe.

King is also currently involved in a legal dispute with Stoic Studios over The Banner Saga, a game about vikings that King claims makes uses of the "Saga" name without credit. Right now, the tussle is limited to trademark opposition paperwork alone, at least for the time being.

Last week, King filed its initial public offering (IPO) statement, so it's possible that the company's abandonment of the Candy trademark today is a means to appease future investors. As part of the IPO filing, King revealed that more than 93 million people play Candy Crush Saga every day.

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Good riddance i was getting so annoyed at dumb advertisements candy this candy that i'm a fat person and the game made me give up the urge to have candy any more.

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The only people I feel bad for are the poor lawyers who won't get to fight this one in court and make tons of money on legal fees.

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Somebody should patent the match 3 game and then sue the 20 million companies out there that use it and call it a new game. How did this guy ever trademark "Candy" in the EU in the first place? I though you could not trademark common names. Also, why is he trying to trademark just one word? Would it not be more appropriate to trademark the entire title?

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Everything about this is disgusting to me.

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about fucking time they let this go... worst company of 2014 by far.

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The fact that they even got the copyright on Candy is insane in the first place...

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I hope they tank when they go public

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So they ripoff bejeweled and tell others not to ripoff "their" game?

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<< LINK REMOVED >> the same fucking thing I was thinking, Bejeweled was like in 2008 or so.

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Good. They are a bunch of dickheads anyway and I will never support their games.

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It'll be interesting to see what happens to King when the next "ooh, shiny" casual game comes along.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Same thing that happened to Zynga...

Avatar image for ExtremePhobia

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Ahhh yes. But Zynga was far more creative than this lot. Not that that's saying a lot... Which is good because I'm not saying that they are overly creative. Just far more so than King.

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from now on we will have to say Canday instead

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If I were a judge I would not only throw out all suits in favor of any King defendant, I would also force King to pay all legal fees as well. What King is doing falls under frivolous in my book.

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Nobody can resist the power of money, even patent holders.

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brb copywriting the english dictionary and all the words it contains...

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Copyright The Bible instead. More money made there.

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Does this mean I can't trademark "Cavity" now?

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"93 millions of people plays candy crush saga everyday"


"93 millions of people don't have life"

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Nah, It's a mobile game, so provably most of that people have to wait for the bus/train/subway everyday.
Of course, no-lifes are on that list, no argument there.

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They are more likely to have more of "a life" than you do if they play casual games. ;)

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> It's an interesting debate as they're playing it on Facebook. Just saying... :)

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I sense some overly-defensiveness....

Look, it's ok, no one will judge you.

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The pressure from Willy Wonka was just too much.

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I'm currently trademarking the word "The". Now gimme money.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> "Money" is my word. It's court time!

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Now drop your attempt to trademark the word "saga", you unscrupulous leeches. :/

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Avatar image for Sohereiam

<< LINK REMOVED >> Don't give them new words to steal, sooner or later someone will start suing people for saying "their" words.

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Dis Ain't OVAH!

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Isn't that a Bassett Licorice Allsort(tm) I see in the pile of candy they have there? Hope they have permission to use that image / likeness.

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"in the US".

Welp, they haven't learned.

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Considering there are only 2 countries in the EU which use english as first language, this seems more reasonable...not by a large margin, but more reasonable

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Problem is that game titles are very rarely translated, so the issue will remain.

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I guess this means my "bacon" trademark is going nowhere.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> you have to supplement it with something. like bacontainer; a container for bacon. actually.... I'm taking that one

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> a container made of bacon or a container full of bacon?....actually i don't care either way i'll take 6

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hmmm. for some reason I don't feel any better. I guess I just really won't be happy until King goes under for good. What a horrible group of people, even the lowly employees who have nothing to do with the corporate nonsense; they have no self-respect.

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"But not in Europe"


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